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sharpen sawDid you know that only 10% of your workforce cares to learn how they can improve their performance?  This 10% will take it upon themselves to “sharpen their saw” in an effort to become better at what they do.

Unfortunately, this means that a whopping 90% of your staff will depend on you to offer them training. —And if they fail at their job, the first thing they’ll do is blame you for their lack of training!

How does your organization view training?

When I owned IT Matters, we allocated $5,000 annually for each of our engineers to participate in technical and non-technical continuing education. We knew this investment would pay off in the end.  It’s been proven time and time again:

  • When organizations view training as a valuable asset, and help their staff “sharpen” their skills, they have better results than those that don’t.
  • Plus, training boosts staff confidence and reduces stress. 

However, the sad truth is that only 25% of managed services providers offer incentives for their staff to achieve certifications and accreditations on their own time. This 25% has a higher staff and client retention rate, and outperforms their peers by an impressive 57.3%.

  • How does your organization view ongoing skills training?
  • Do you provide training incentives to your employees?
  • What type of training do you offer your staff? — Technical training, sales and marketing training, client services training, or even industry training?

Ulistic Can Help

Ulistic offers MSP Sales and Marketing Training for managed services companies.  No matter the size of your company, your staff and your business will benefit from regular training. —  Not just technical training, but sales and marketing training.

Need help?  Call Ulistic at 716.799.1999 and book a no-obligation meeting to discuss your MSP sales and marketing training needs. 

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