Using ConnectWise? Check Out These Cool Addons

Many of our customers are already familiar with ConnectWise Manage, a tool that facilitates time tracking, bookkeeping, marketing, and customer service. ApproximatIt's a popular tool both for MSPs and their customers, but there is room to improve a few functions and further integrate ConnectWise with other tools.

These Gozynta Tools Make Your Job Easier If You Use ConnectWise

Many of our customers are already familiar with ConnectWise Manage, a tool that facilitates time tracking, bookkeeping, marketing, and customer service. ApproximatIt's a popular tool both for MSPs and their customers, but there is room to improve a few functions and further integrate ConnectWise with other tools. Fortunately, for current and prospective users, several solutions already exist. Heather Johnson, COO of Gozynta told us about two of the products her company offers that improve upon ConnectWise and how they can help MSPs.

Mobius Connect Integrates Quickbooks Online with ConnectWise

First up is Mobius Connect, a way to integrate Quickbooks Online into ConnectWise Manage. The service also works with CRF and ERP services such as Sage 50 (including the UK and Canadian versions(, Sage 300 ERP, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics SL that companies may use. These companies can save both time and money by integrating the platforms they already use with ConnectWise Manage with Mobius Connect rather than migrating all of their data to a new platform.

Customer Support Meets Texting with Tixt

The other ConnectWise solution offered by Gozynta integrates texting into the support ticket system. It's important to reflect on how people communicate in 2020, and Tixt does just this. So many customers already use their phones to contact customer support or use their phones as secondary screens while communicating with the support that it's a surprise that it took this long for a solution like Tixt to emerge. It's genius, and its clients agree!

Clients already love Tixt as a ticketing system because of the service's "stupid simple" interface. Right from start, it's easy to set up and customize, including the option to customize messaging with shortcodes that print a customer's name, company, or ticket number into replies and the ability to ensure that the messaging aligns with a company's brand.

For those users who need to submit a help ticket, use it just as convenient. Tixt either supplies a default phone number or allows clients to enter their area code and supplies several phone number options to choose from for each service board (thus sales can have a different number different from other departments). Users can text this support number from their phone that is capable of receiving multimedia files such as screenshots that may expedite the process. The system will generate an automatic response letting the customer know what phone number communications will send from and their ticket number. This new number differs from the original number that the customer messaged. Using this method, Tixt allows users to create multiple support tickets.

Another great way that Tixt integrates SMS is by allowing existing ConnectWise Manage tickets to be linked to a thread in Tixt. Although new messages sent and received in Tixt will not be added as notes in ConnectWise Manage, they will be saved as Notes, so clients can view them in both places.

Viewing and interacting with those tickets is straightforward. Tixt lists the message, sender, and status. By default, messages with go to a catch-all label, but clients can edit user information to assign them to a specific company, instead. And if the message comes from a phone number that's already associated with a company in the Tixt system, this will change the grouping for incoming messages. In the future, Twixt will send a message to unknown numbers that will allow customers to verify their identity to prevent messages from going to catch-all.

After opening a message, users will see any attachments submitted with the message and will also have the option to add notes in their dashboard. Of course, they can reply directly to their customers from Tixt.

Perhaps most important is the option for a company's representatives and not just the customer to reply via SMS. This makes Tixt useful for companies whose technicians may be replying to support tickets from their mobile devices in the field and do not have access to a PC. Responding via text still gives clients the opportunity to view any attachments that were sent with the message right from their phones.

Customer Support Made Easy

Gozynta thought ahead when they made it possible for additional users to be added to the support ticket mid-thread by adding their number in the CC field. The user will then receive a message on their phone with a summary of the support ticket. This thoughtfulness continues to the very end of the interaction. Once a customer's issue has been resolved, companies can close tickets with Tixt. This will send a final message that the ticket has been closed along with instructions for starting a new ticket should they need support in the future.

The company built in a few other conveniences, too. Tixt clients also have an option to send text blasts to reach large groups of people at once. Settings allow the client to customize that group, perhaps based on company or even location, to connect with a single message. This is a great option if email or other lines of communication are down. Users of CrewHu will be happy to see there is integration with Tixt, allowing clients to happen survey links to their messages to get feedback on their customer support. All clients have to do it enter their Crewhu API key and an optional custom survey token to set up the integration.

While Tixt is advertised as a support add-on, it can also be used to receive and log sales calls directly within ConnectWise if companies place a link on their website for visitors to send them a message that will be assigned to their own service board. From there, a representative can proceed with recruitment.

Currently, Tixt supports clients in both the United States and Canada, which make up a combined 89% of ConnectWise usage. Users can sign up for a free trial to see Twixt to see if the SMS integration platform fits their needs.

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