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It’s not easy pitching managed IT services to healthcare organizations.

Over the past few years, the trend of offering compliance support to hospitals, private practices, and other care providers has skyrocketed, as IT firms realized the growing need in the industry.

But now, the market’s flooded with dime-a-dozen IT firms all pitching the same thing to healthcare organizations:




So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

The key is in how you position your message: are you asking “Do you need help with your HIPAA audit?” If so, you’re likely getting a lot of the same answer: “No thanks, we’re good”.

Try putting it this way:

“How confident are you that you’ll pass your next HIPAA audit?”

This repositioning shifts the focus towards their worry and their stress about the next HIPAA audit, and is much more likely to open the door to further conversations about how you can help them.

The fact is that scare tactics just aren’t that effective, especially when everybody is using them. A vast majority of MSP marketing to the healthcare industry is based on telling potential clients about the millions of dollars in fines that are issued every year for non-compliance, and how they’ll be next.

That’s why you need to reposition your message AWAY from the potential consequences of not working with you; instead, tell them the potential benefits of working with you…

SHOW THEM how you’ll lower their risks and increase their profitability.

Beyond the way you position your message, it’s important to think about how you reach and work with potential clients:

  • Try working with an experienced marketing expert to develop a strategic, detailed marketing campaign that includes webinars, outsourced telemarketing and drip email campaigns using a powerful tool like Infusionsoft
  • Don’t just have compliance support as one small part of your managed services; highlight compliance support by branding it as its own specialized service
  • Invest in dedicated sales members that understand the industry
  • Don’t stop while you’re ahead: use HIPAA compliance support as a stepping stone to provide further security and general IT services

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