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Are you an MSP in Canada and your concerned about CASL.


Want to be better informed about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)?  How does this new antispam rule impact your business in Canada?  Confuse?  Join the club!

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released a video presentation of their CASL information sessions that were held across Canada over the past 6 months. This presentation provides some detail on enforcement, regulations and guidance related to CASL.

But it also adds a lot more confusion on how this will impact managed service providers in Canada or businesses doing business with Canadian managed services organizations.

However, it also adds more confusion to what Industry Canada, CRTC and the Government are really trying to accomplish. Did you know that if you send a quote or proposal by email (which we don’t recommend anyways) that you need to have a unsubscribe mechanism.

How about that referral from your best client. Yes, you can email the referral just once…and you need to have a unsubscribe mechanism.

Who has this on their Microsoft Outlook?  Does Quosal or Quotewerks offer an unsubscribe when using their tool?

What I also picked out of this was “existing business relationship”.  You don’t need to send that “opt in” email!  Listen to me, don’t do this.  You have a great relationship with your clients and they appreciate what you do.  Don’t go out a harvest a list any longer.  That is a no-no, but send your newsletters and company information to your clients and make sure new prospects give you their consent.  If you do this…you should be OK.  Don’t commit email suicide.

Watch the presentation by the CRTC below.

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