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If disaster, such as a flood or power outage, struck right now, would you be prepared to recover your vital data and applications to continue business operations? Do you have a business continuity plan in place to make sure you’re never left in the dark – unable to get work done?

Keith Jetton from Procyon Solutions knows the importance of having a business continuity plan in place:

We take a different approach to business continuity than most other IT companies. We’re seeing lots of technology move to the cloud – starting with email, file sharing, and phones, all hosted in the cloud.”

He spoke about their unique approach – and how they’re keeping their clients prepared for any type of disaster:

“What we do starts with doubling your bandwidth – having two providers so if one goes down, you have another to automatically failover. Starting with a dual connection to the Internet for any business is a great start. Most businesses, like ours, have had a file server in place that needed some type of backup or redundancy.

He continued, “As we’ve seen data move to the cloud, we’ve seen servers on site decreasing, however, there’s still a need to have a server in some locations for some applications – for single sign-on and things of that nature. They’ll put in a server onsite and have it backed up in the cloud.”

What does their unique approach to business continuity allow their clients to do when disaster strikes?

We’re able to pick up at any point in our office, go to any place with an Internet connection, and continue working – and that’s what we also try to provide for our clients as well.”

When it comes to remote access, what do they offer their clients to make sure they’re productive outside of the office?

We’re seeing remote workforces more and more. Not only in times of disaster or bad weather, we’re seeing it in times of not having enough office space or overhead to have employees in the office. You can have them work remotely and be just as productive because they’re accessing the same data you’re accessing in the office!”

 He continued, “We have a lot of snow and ice here in Central Arkansas – causing a lot of outage and a lot of people must work remotely. As far as loss of data, we haven’t seen anything because everything’s backed up and stored in the cloud. Even if someone deletes something in the cloud, it’s recoverable through our backup system.”

How does compliance with industry-specific regulations come into play when it comes to business continuity?

Our strategy is to work with the client from that standpoint and understand what their requirements are. We have verticals, such as healthcare, that we work with a lot so we know they need redundancy – a dual Internet connection, redundant firewalls, and redundant servers. We also store everything in a HIPAA compliant data center.”

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