Should Your MSP Invest In A Branding Guide?

Are you considering a branding guide for your MSP? Learn more about whether branding services are worth it in this week’s “Question of the Week.”  

Is a Branding Guide a Smart Idea for Your MSP?

Are you considering a branding guide for your MSP? Learn more about whether branding services are worth it in this week’s “Question of the Week.”  

“Hi Team Ulistic! I was recently approached by a branding guy who said he could provide my business with a branding guide, logo, guidelines, and more. Is this a good investment for our $5 million a year MSP?”

Thanks for the question, Tom. So, let’s get right to it! Before we answer Tom’s specific question, we’ll first explain what branding is.

What Is Branding?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, branding is “the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” In other words, branding includes the many ways in which you establish the specific look, feel, and overall image of your business.

So, does your managed service provider company need branding?

Many MSPs assume that because branding is a service offered by many top advertising companies, it is a service they’ll ultimately need. Furthermore, when they hear the definition of the term, they naturally think: “Well, of course, we need to create a unique image for our business!” And finally, it’s not uncommon for the salespeople who cold-call businesses like Tom’s to promise a wide range of amazing results from their branding services.

But here are the facts: Yes, some large enterprises will indeed benefit from branding services. But these are companies like Nike or Apple. In the long run, nearly all other companies — even those earning $5 million a year — don’t need professional branding guides.

The Branding Myth

There’s no doubt that branding is essential for all businesses — from startups to huge corporations. It’s always a good idea to invest in the formation of your business’s image. You want clients to remember you, to know your logo, and to like the attitude and persona you put forth. Well-formed branding can entice new clients too. It should be an essential element of any MSP’s marketing strategy.

However, your company does not need to pay out thousands to hire a “branding guide” to create this image. Instead, you would be much smarter to invest your advertising and marketing dollars on other aspects of your business. Most importantly, you should be looking for ways to invest in new business opportunities within your industry.

Why Professional Branding Services Are Non-Essential for Most MSPs

In the end, we know that branding is about the client. Most businesses enjoy having a well-established brand (complete with unique colors, logos, etc.), but it’s the clients that good branding targets.

For MSPs, however, clients aren’t interested in branding. They are much more interested in your business’s:

  • Experience
  • Training and credentials
  • Breadth of knowledge and skill
  • Services and IT solutions
  • Pricing

These are the areas where you should be investing your money.

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