The Biggest Marketing Opportunity for MSPs In 2022

Have you heard of the YOUTUBE! YouTube is the biggest marketing opportunity for managed IT service companies out there. Get on this platform.

The Biggest Marketing Opportunity for MSPs In 2022

As a managed services provider, you make IT support and services accessible to businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. However, without effective MSP marketing, you are missing out on big opportunities to gain recurring revenue and enhance your business. By working with MSPs, we've realized that many are struggling with lead generation and closing the gap with new opportunities.

To bring in more clients, you need a well-planned and well-executed MSP marketing strategy to draw in your target audience and guide them through the sales process. One of the biggest marketing challenges for MSPs is measuring the results of marketing campaigns and calculating the ROI. SEO campaigns can increase traffic, but linking a lead to a specific SEO campaign can be difficult when there are many factors in play. On the other hand, Google Ads allows you to display ads to your target audience and track the responses to those ads.

Are You Marketing Your MSP on This Popular Website?

Are you marketing your MSP business on the world's most popular video-sharing website? YouTube presents MSPs with multiple opportunities to reach their target audience using different ad formats and YouTube ad targeting. It's critical to use the right YouTube ad targeting options, though.

I don't know if you already know this, but YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. People use YouTube for a variety of reasons, but YouTube's biggest selling point mirrors that of parent company Google: It captures intent. People navigate to YouTube with a need in mind and this is evident by the astounding number of active daily users. YouTube has 122 million active users per day!

YouTube users are highly engaged. 1 billion hours of content is watched across the world every day. So, if you have been trying to get noticed by your online audience, build engagement, and captivate them, YouTube just might be the place for you. In addition to offering MSPs an incredible reach, YouTube also enables MSPs to access targeting and tracking systems. MSPs can target potential clients based on online behavior and other criteria, and then track and measure the effectiveness of those campaigns.

However, it's not as simple as creating a YouTube channel, uploading videos, and expecting people to find and engage with them. As with Google search, one of the most effective approaches will include a combination of paid and organic techniques.

Capturing Leads from YouTube Using Ads

Promoting your MSP business on YouTube with video content allows you to share your services and value with ads on a platform that was built for engagement. YouTube can be great for driving potential clients to view and click a link to your website. YouTube can also be a great way to remarketing to those who have visited your website and have shown interest.

Google Ads may be overloaded with business owners hoping to make their mark, but there are avenues that many business owners are not going after. Video is a perfect example of a resource with plenty of growth potential. Let's take a look at why you should use ads to promote your MSP videos and channel. With Google Ads, you can promote your YouTube videos to people who are already searching and watching on YouTube. Your content can be found:

  • On the search results page
  • Along the side of other videos
  • Before other videos
  • After other videos
  • Within videos as a YouTube Sponsored Card Ad

There's a pretty good chance that your target audience is already engaging with video content on YouTube. If you want to reach your target audience, you need to refine your audience. Refining your audience and targeting them allows you to focus your MSP marketing dollars on users that have already shown signs that they are interested in your specific vertical segment. This would allow you to reach those who are more likely to act on your website or YouTube channel.

Steal Your Competitors' Audience Using YouTube Ads

Can you imagine if your MSP refining and targeting strategies gave you the chance to have your ads displayed on the channels of your competitors' videos? This sounds like a great strategy for keeping your MSP brand at the forefront when it comes to prospective clients, doesn't it? Well, this doesn't happen to be something you can sit and think about. It can be something you can make happen.

Yes, you can target a competitor's video on YouTube. Having your MSP business's ads appear on your main competitor's videos can give you an edge that can help you attract new clients. Is there a specific YouTube channel that you would like to target? If there isn't, you can search for channels that produce content relevant to the industry. Once you have put your list together, you can decide which channels could potentially lead to the best return for your business.

If your competitors' video allows monetization, you're in a prime position to steal a spot for your ad. If your competitor's channel has not been monetized, you cannot advertise on their videos. Once you have a list of different videos you want to use for your placements, you will need to create a YouTube Ad campaign. For this, you'll need a Google Ads account and have it linked to your YouTube channel.

Planning your YouTube ad campaign and forming an effective approach can make an incredible difference in the success of your YouTube marketing plan for your MSP. When you know how to target your ads, you can reach your target audience at the right time. Have you been missing your target audience lately? Without the right strategies and techniques, you'll miss them every time.

What do you think? Will you try promoting your MSP's YouTube videos with ads? Have you tried using ads to promote videos and didn't achieve the level of success you hoped for? At Ulistic, we're here to help. Contact us online or call us at 855-964-2608 for more information about how you can begin your YouTube advertising campaign today.


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