What to Expect from a Baltimore IT Services Company

Professional IT services have plenty of benefits. They allow your business to remain competitive and avoid cyber-attacks while saving money.

What to Expect from a Baltimore IT Services Company: Get An Immediate Advantage Starting Now

If you have been thinking about getting an IT services company for your business in Baltimore, you may have questions about it. A few years ago, the concept of getting external IT help was unheard of. However, businesses these days rely on IT services companies for plenty of reasons. With the rapid technological advancement, it is necessary to get help.

According to The United States Small Business Administration, hiring expert freelancers, subcontractors and independent contractors can help a business scale up fast without having to create additional overhead. Working with the right IT services company can have lots of financial benefits for both small and large businesses.

Mike & Russell From Advantage Industries Shares Their Thoughts

Ulistic's Stuart Crawford recently had an interview with Mike and Russell of Advantage Industries and they had a lot of insight into the IT industry and what their company is doing for its clients. They both joined the IT industry with the goal of helping people solve their IT problems. Some benefits of working with Advantage include the following;

  • Decision Making: Advantage takes pride in being a business partner rather than just an IT partner. They work with organizations to form strategies that meet their specific needs. Instead of just helping you figure out the right computers for your business, the company tries to find out what systems would help a client meet their business goals.
  • Objectivity In Technology Investment: The cost of technology can be very high. Even though modern businesses depend on technology, you may have trouble deciding the options that your business should prioritize. Working with Advantage, you make objective and informative choices. They try to understand the general needs of your company before recommending any help. Even though Advantage does not tell you what to do, they give you the advice you need to get maximum value for your investment.
  • Excellent Communication: Advantage takes pride in its excellent communication skills. They are not only easy to reach but also willing to speak about the things that really matter. While your online team can only work 9 to 5, Advantage is available at all times every day of the year. The online world has no room for downtime. Security threats can happen at any time and they need to be addressed promptly. Advantage realizes that your business cannot afford to wait until the next morning to deal with a cyber-attack. It does not only offer 24/7 support but also continuous monitoring of your systems.
  • They Promote Expertise and Experience: Hiring Advantage means that you will be enjoying the expertise of an entire team rather than just one person. Working with the company allows your business to take advantage of collective skills and experience. The company has experienced IT experts. They hold a quarterly review to brainstorm new ideas, discuss new concepts, and understand your goals. The services you receive from Advantage are a culmination of continuous conversations with you and their expertise. You can think of them as a journey and not just a service.
  • Planning for the Future: Advantage strives to form long and healthy relationships with its customers. They work with your company through different stages and grow with you. The IT company helps you understand what the future holds and how you can prepare for it. Since the company has access to lots of ideas and clients, they can bring new, creative solutions to your business.
  • Strategic Advice: Advantage gives you advice that suits the specific needs of your business instead of giving you general advice. Before offering advice, they try to find out what is most important for your business. With Advantage, it is always a business discussion and not just an IT conversation. The company realizes that you can get their pieces from any other provider. Their ability to piece everything together to meet your needs is what sets them apart.
  • They Promote Financial Savings: Working with Advantage can help you save money. It can be cheaper than working with in-house employees. The company helps your business reduce downtime, which can lead to significant financial losses. They can identify and prevent potential issues before they get out of hand. A Forrester Research study suggests that routine IT problems or friction cost Fortune 100 companies over $100 billion dollars every year. Advantage focuses on efficiency and value for your business.
  • Increased Security for Your Business: Working with Advantage can improve the security of your business. The company has a team of professionals who may help you detect threats. They have experience in internet security matters so they are likely to do a better job than your in-house team. They can train your staff to use technology safely and identify security issues. When employees are informed, they are likely to avoid phishing attacks.

Professional IT services have plenty of benefits. They allow your business to remain competitive and avoid cyber-attacks while saving money. Consider speaking with Ulistic today if you are frustrated about MSP marketing companies that do not match your needs. We have more than ten years’ experience and are ranked the top MSP marketing company. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.


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