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Bryan Lachapelle, owner of B4 Networks in Niagara Canada, joined us to share how he gets new business.  Bryan started B-4 in 2004 (he’s been using Ulistic services since then as well).  He’s grown a successful MSP in an area with few businesses.  Although there’s not a big population in the Niagara Region, due to his consistent, long-term marketing, he now has over 20 full-service clients with 300 seats under full management.

Bryan invests in marketing. He spent $30K on marketing in the last two years.

The result? — It brought him $400K in annual recurring revenue.

Bryan’s Advice

  • Stop procrastinating. Just get out there.  Don’t worry if your presentations aren’t so pretty.  What’s important is that you connect with business owners when they need your help.
  • Canvass. This has gotten Bryan half of the managed clients he has today.  He got their contact information when canvassing, and sent them marketing information every month. (This is called drip marketing.) This effort got him in front of prospects when they needed IT help.
  • Get your message out there consistently.  Don’t give up.  Your persistence will ultimately pay off. Many MSPs “set it and forget it.”  Then they wonder why they’re not getting new business.  One or two marketing campaigns aren’t enough.  Work with Ulistic as a partner, just as you partner with your clients.  Meet with Ulistic on a regular basis, discuss with them what you want to do with your business, and what’s unique in your area or niche market.
  • Implement.  Messages are great, professional marketing materials are great.  But if they sit on the shelf and collect dust, you won’t get the business you want.  Go door-to-door, use email marketing, webinars, go to conferences for your verticals, network at business events, and more.  Just put one foot in front of the other and keep implementing.
  • Stay in for the long haul. — Not the short run.  Don’t get discouraged.  You may not get results in the first, second or third month.  You’ll only get your ROI from marketing if you keep doing it.
  • You need a plan of attack when it comes to marketing.  You need to schedule out months in advance.  Bryan schedules his monthly marketing strategies for an entire year. And you need a customized marketing plan.

We’ve loved watching Bryan’s MSP business grow over the years.  Let us do the same for you. Contact us and we’ll develop a customized marketing plan for you.  (716) 263-6961 info@ulistic.com

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