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Are you taking advantage of the importance of Earth Day in your MSP marketing this week?

Computers mean the world IT professionals, but if we’re not careful, computers could destroy our world. Discarded desktops, laptops, smartphones and other electronics have a variety of toxic materials that can seep into the soil and, eventually, into our crops and drinking water. That’s why Earth Day is so important. It reminds us that without the Earth, we can’t survive to do all the things that computers, smartphones and electronics facilitate.

This year, Earth Day, Apr. 22, falls on a Sunday, a day that most people have off from work. That makes this the perfect opportunity for managed services providers (MSP) and other IT professionals to encourage their clients to recycle rather than throw away old computers, cell phones and smart devices. Not only can you reach out to your clients but also your communities. You can let people know what they can do to protect the environment. Find computer and cell phone recycling companies in your area. Make e-fliers and email them to clients and prospects who visit your offices. You can also send out email blasts to remind current clients, vendors and partners of the importance of protecting the Earth from the toxic materials used to make computers and other electronic devices.

Hold regular collection campaigns as a way to let the people in your community know that you care about the health and well-being of this planet we live on. As a result, they’ll get a positive impression of you and your company. So, be sure to have business cards, brochures or fliers on hand just in case someone wants to learn more about your company and its services. But if you really want to show how eco-friendly you are, get email addresses and email your company information instead.

Include Green IT information in your blogs and newsletters. For those who don’t know, Green IT, or Green Computing, is a movement focused on developing more environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to use power and production in technology. Essentially, Green IT seeks to double or triple companies’ profits by encouraging them to adopt green computing ideas like virtualization, recycling, telecommuting and power management.

People care about the Earth. Sometimes, they just don’t know where to go or what to do to protect it. So, be a leader in your community. Use Earth Day as a way to teach others what they can do to reduce their carbon footprints and provide a cleaner environment for everyone. 

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