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MSP Sales Success“Hello? Is anybody there?”  Does a real person answer your sales line during office hours?  If not, you’re losing out on sales opportunities.

If you’re like most people, you hate it when you call a business and an auto attendant makes you jump through hoops before you can talk to a real person. Or even worse, makes you leave a message, hoping that it will be returned sometime this year.

So why would you put your prospective clients through this?

They want to speak to a real person, not leave a message.

Growing your MSP business means that you must create exceptional experiences for both your clients and your prospects.  “Voice Mail Hell” is NOT an exceptional experience.  It’s a frustrating one, and a good way to turn away an interested prospect. The key word here is “interested.”  This is the prime time to turn a prospect into a client.  When they’re ready — not you!

If you think your auto attendant is saving you money, you’re wrong.  It’s actually costing you.  If your competitor pays a little extra to have a real person answer the phone, your sales prospects will gladly “jump ship” and call them.  And this goes for your clients as well.  It’s been shown that clients will pay extra to get real customer service.

If you want to be remarkable and have stratospheric success, you must distinguish yourself from your competitors and answer the phone!

To learn how you can achieve stratospheric success, call Ulistic at 416.840.9106 x102.  You’ll get a real person when you call!   

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