Andrea Albright: Become An Authority In Just 90 Days

Andrea Albright joined Stuart Crawford to share concepts on how MSPs can become an authority in just 90 days. Discover more now.

How MSPs Can Become An Authority In Just 90 Days

Getting the most basic leads is pretty frustrating for many MSPs. So, to become an authority in 90 days can only be a dream. The mission gets more irritating when your competitors down the street continue to grow leads and get returning clients, while all you can do is to sit and think of what your first move should entail.

But again, there is more to entrepreneurship than getting traffic or leads to your website or business. The market dynamism, saturation, and high competition in most fields demand that you become an authority to stay on top of the competition.

But even with a good idea in the IT niche or any other niche, maneuvering the obstacles to become an authority is not a walk in the park.

How to Become an Authority in 90 Days

Yes! You got that right. You can become an authority in just 90 days. While that sounds strange and overambitious, it is perfectly possible, and the first step is getting the right strategy of sharing your ideas and expertise. Getting this right will inevitably unlock your career opportunities to unimaginable levels.

How MSPs Can Use a Book to Become an Authority in 90 Days

Ideally, every IT professional has an idea on which they can write a book. But most MSPs chicken out from investing in printed publications because there are so many books on nearly all specialty areas, hence a lot of competition. Competition shouldn't scare you.

Writing a book on a subject elevates you to become an expert authority on the subject. Andrea Albright opines that authoring a book remains the highest level of authority.
Writing a book allows you to compete on value as nearly all the premium companies want to work with the industry's top professionals. Successful authors no longer have to discount their prices to attract clients as they attract clients who want to work with premium brands. Thus, authoring a book sets you above the rest of the pack.

"Books are still the gold standard to build authority," Andrea Albright.

Don't Write for Book Sales.

The biggest misconception that most upcoming authors make is that they expect to earn solely from book sales. That should not be the case. To become an authority, you should use your book as a positioning tool that markets you to your ideal clients.
Your book should, therefore, portray you to your clients as an entrepreneur and industry insider. Clients will want to talk to you precisely because you have a printed publication. Besides, you will no longer need to count book sales since a single sale could land you a one-million-dollar deal. But that's only possible if you put the right book in front of the right person.

How to Get Started with Book Publication and Become an Authority

  1. Develop an Idea: Irrespective of whether you currently harbor any feelings or writing a book or not, we can all write books and rightfully claim their copyrights. All you need to do is develop an idea to help one or more people.
  2. Share Your Idea with A Publisher: Developing a good idea is one thing, but putting it into an organized publication is another thing. That's why most aspiring authors end up scribbling pieces for decades or take up to a year or more writing a single chapter. Whether you are just too busy or afraid of falling into the dreaded writer's block, you can still get published by sharing your idea with the right publisher. A good consulting publisher will begin withholding an interview to piece together your ideas into something logical. Besides, modern hybrid publishers can ghostwrite, edit, and publish your book without taking intellectual rights of your property.
  3. Market The Book: Millions of books across the globe are yet to make a single sale because they were published and launched before the authors and publishers established a ready market. It would be best if you didn't fall into a similar scenario. Identifying a publisher that understands digital marketing will get your book in front of the right audience well before the book is published. With the right tools, a good digital marketer should know the market's needs and create a solution through your book idea. Thus, they will create a magic hook to attract an audience and create a solution to the audience's needs through your hook.
  4. Launch The Book in 90 Days: Ideally, with the fast-evolving ICT market, MSPs can't take years trying to get out an idea or concept to the world. That's because the IT challenges of today will not be the same in two years. The best thing is to release the book when the need is dire, which should be within 90 days after the first contact with your publisher or marketer. At this point, the market is anticipating the book, and they know that the book contains what the market needs.
  5. Create A Funnel: It is important to note that the purpose of publishing is not to earn from book sales. Instead, it aims to position you as an authority and put you on a stage where prospective clients will turn to you for consultations and assistance. Thus, launching the book on a public pool like Amazon won't get you the right leads because your clients won't meet you. The book launch should be pretty strategic so that you earn from follow-ups from clients, customers, or partners. The trick is to create a funnel through which you can build a long-term relationship with your clients. Successful entrepreneurs treat their clients with respect for long-term partnerships.

Can You Become an Authority in 90 Days by Yourself?

Becoming an authority in 90 days is a reality. However, becoming an authority in 90 days by yourself is a difficult task. That's irrespective of whether you've published before or not.
But you can reach out to Ulistic LP to help you with all your MSP marketing needs. We are a hybrid marketing entity that specializes in video marketing, public relations, and book publishing. We aim to use the three strategies to help you drive traffic to your website and create long-term leads for your prospective IT clients.

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