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Addigy is a small, privately funded organization. That being said, Addigy is also a thriving, healthily growing, and cash flow positive business. By focusing their efforts and offerings toward an untapped market, Addigy has been able to both create and maintain its success. “We want to educate you on why these asset classes are so important to an MSP” says Addigy’s CEO, Jason Dettbarn.

Most of the expert team found at Addigy today originally comes from Kaseya. From original engineering, to sales, to managing sales operations worldwide – the team at Addigy knows the space extraordinarily well. What top MSPs focus on, how they grow their margins, and specifically, at Addigy, how to help make this happen are all among expertise.

Dettbarn elaborates on Addigy’s successful solutions and growth, saying, “Our team saw a real need in the Mac community. It was just an unaddressed space. Some of the vendors who were in there already were providing a difficult platform to use, and it was not giving the overall environment the ability to manage these assets.”

Why is this asset class a good focal point?

  1. There is a significantly higher average monthly recurring revenue on these assets.
  2. There’s a lack of competition – this is an untapped space!
  3. Chances are that those Mac users you have as customers are the executives or owners of the company; focusing on their asset class will elevate your level of service to them.
  4. Retention rates are heightened.

For nearly 3 years now, PC sales have been declining.

With PC sales dropping every year, this should come as an indicator of where the market will continue to go. So, for three years now the market share for Apple has been on the rise – the only reason it hasn’t blown up?

There hasn’t been tools to manage those assets. You look at the enterprise sector and it becomes easy to realize that they push away Apple products because they simply can’t manage them. However, IBM has made an enormous impact on this by focusing on selling Mac services directly to the enterprise; not to mention working very closely with Apple in doing so.

IBM has in fact become the largest customer for Apple – over 150 000 Macs have been purchased for IBM alone. The fact that the actual inventors of the PC are going to be Mac-only, corporate wide, just goes to show that this asset class is growing at an outstanding pace.

Common Mac misconceptions to let go of right now:

  1. You need to a hire a Mac certified engineer. In fact, you do not need to hire a Mac certified engineer – simply using the right platform can make the world of difference and allow you to scale more machines as you acquire more to manage. It’s about elevating the level of services. Finding someone who is less technical to provide different types of reports that show the ongoing value being delivered will be worth more to you in the end. The days of assigning a number and creating a ticket were not proactive – and customers have begun to realize.
  2. Macs don’t need servicing, they just work. Let’s be reasonable here – when working with this asset class, we have to deliver higher valued reporting and services. However, this is where we can find opportunities to grow and advance with our business.
  3. You’ll have to vigorously manage another RMM tool. You’ll want an RMM tool, yes. However, not all of these tools are created equal, and finding one that will assist instead of complicate can be challenging – but key. If an RMM platform provides the necessary level of service, you hopefully can leverage it without an expert technical engineer handling it – which also means in a lot less time.

Addigy’s Simple Solution!

We get that you don’t want to manage another RMM platform – that’s why we’ve made this one so simple. We can quickly and easily show you the state of any Macs you have in your environment, filter customer organizations in order to show relating assets, allow you to search for specific devices (for instance low memory devices), and much more.

We wanted to take the burden off of our MSPs and admins. What you see is what you get – you can do almost anything you want to under the hood. Manage your machines without hijacking consoles, perform speed tests, scan for updates, reset user accounts, kill processes, collect data on machines, and so much more. This is an important tool for an important asset class.

Here at Addigy, we want to help you grow your top line revenue and margins, really differentiate yourself, and provide a higher level of service. It’s time to position yourself differently! To discover how our solutions can leverage your

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