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How well is your website performing for you? Is it ranking as high as you’d like in search engine optimization (SEO)? If your MSP SEO isn’t getting the results you want, it may be time for a new approach. We have a tool in mind that we say can "make your MSP SEO rain." It can help you blow up your search rankings and outpace your competitors. It’s called, and it’s an awesome strategy for real estate brokerages, commercial real estate firms, and real estate lawyers—as well as for managed IT services companies serving those industries. Read on to learn more about this exciting tool and how it can help your MSP SEO.

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What Is is a platform built to provide real value to real estate professionals and the managed IT services firms that work in related industries. It’s a targeted resource, and on the surface, it’s equal parts blogging platform, networking tool, and professional development hub. But—can we let you in on a little secret?—its greatest value to you is the SEO features baked into the blogging platform.

How Activerain Improves MSP SEO

One of the killer features of Activerain is that users have the ability to post blog content to the site. We know, posting blog content doesn’t sound that “killer,” but hear us out. This content is delivered straight to a targeted audience of other real estate professionals, who can interact with and comment on the blog posts, creating instant buzz. The value is more than just buzz and exposure to a highly targeted audience, though. Here are two specific ways Activerain makes it rain.

Improve MSP SEO with Automatic DoFollow Links

When you post on, the platform automatically creates DoFollow links. The value of DoFollow links (as opposed to NoFollow links) in SEO is tremendous. In case you’re not familiar with these terms, check out what Jessica Knapp at Blogging Basics has to say about them:

“If a site with a high pagerank links to you, Google increases your authority, and in turn, your pagerank. . . . But what if that site with the higher pagerank is using the NoFollow tag and not sharing the love? Well, Google ignores the fact that the site links to you and you don’t get the increased authority or pagerank.”

Here’s the kicker: most blogging platforms and websites have NoFollow enabled automatically. So using a custom-built platform like Activerain, which creates DoFollow links, instantly boosts your MSP SEO ranking.

Improve MSP SEO with a High Domain Rating

The other way that posting to improves MSP SEO is its high domain rating, or DR for short. (You’ll also see the term Domain Authority, or DA, which is a similar metric used by others like Moz.) Checking a blog post on Activerain through a tool, like ahrefs, will reveal its domain rating. Clients regularly experience awesome DR numbers through this platform.

DRs (and DAs) are on a scale of zero to 100 with zero being bad and 100 being awesome.

Why is domain rating important? Search engines are looking for quality, reputable sites to return in search results. A high DR score is one measure of quality, so a site with a high DR score will rank higher in search results than a similar site with a lower score.

How are domain ratings calculated? The company that created domain ratings, ahrefs, tells us:

  1. Look at how many unique domains have at least 1 dofollow link to the target website;
  2. Take into account the DR values of those linking domains;
  3. Take into account how many unique domains each of those websites link to;
  4. Apply some math and coding magic to calculate “raw” DR scores;
  5. Plot these scores on a 0–100 scale.

Blog posts on effectively take care of points 1, 2, and 3, giving you an SEO-friendly domain rating nearly instantly.

Joining Activerain to Improve MSP SEO

Joining is free, and there’s a tier of service available for free forever, but we highly recommend the paid service available. At $500 per year, this service is just a fraction of most MSPs’ ad and SEO budget. Having the ability to easily create posts with instantly high domain rating and automatic DoFollow links is worth far more than this low subscription price.

Not convinced? That’s OK. At least join at the free level and see what’s available. If you like what you’re getting there, you’ll love what you get on the paid tier.

Wrapping Up

Joining and using is one way to improve your MSP SEO, and it’s a great choice for most people and businesses in the commercial real estate, real estate brokerage, or real estate law fields. We can do even more, though! If you’re working in another industry that wouldn’t be served well by Activerain, or if your needs are deeper or wider than what’s available there, you can work with us directly to create a custom solution just right for you.

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