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You’ve done all the hard work to locate leads and turn them into customers. However, the hard work isn’t over. Now you must maintain your client relationships.  But how can you find the time to do this while looking for additional leads for your MSP business?

Here are ten simple ways for you to do this without distracting from your other marketing activities. 

  1. Use Social Media—Create Yammer, Facebook and Linkedin Groups.Use Yammer, Facebook and Linkedin groups to build an active community of your clients.  Make sure to include your employees in these groups.  You and your staff should reach out to your customers and encourage them to join in on conversations. Invite your customers to participate in webinars and other online events. Ask them to invite their friends as well to add to your client base.
  1. Fine tune your social media messages according to your clients’ industries, location or other shared interests. Create individual subgroups on Yammer, Facebook and LinkedIn or create multiple versions of your newsletter to provide targeted information to each audience.
  1. Open up your support portal for other activities.Expand your support portal and make it a place where your clients can interact with you and your employees. Keep it up to date with current information and links that they’ll find interesting and helpful. Think of it as a client community portal.  Encourage your customers to share the good you’ve done for them and how your employees resolved their issues. 
  1. Hold in-person events. Sponsor a monthly happy hour or a quarterly CIO dinner and invite your clients. Or hold a weekly “Lunch and Learn” event where you feature a particular product you represent. Also, ask them to encourage other business owners they believe may be interested in your services. 
  1. Introduce new clients. When you add a new customer, ask them if you can post a story about their business on your website or social media pages. They’ll appreciate the free advertising.
  1. Promote your clients. Ask individual clients to speak at your in-person events, or on webinars regarding a particular subject you choose.  This will provide them with the exposure they need to grow, and promote the good you’re doing for them.
  1. Mail a handwritten note to one client per week. Show that you appreciate their business. Take the time to write a personal note thanking them. Include an offer for a free product, service or training session. Let them know that their business is important to you.
  1. Use case studies to showcase your best clients. Include their story in your case study—What their issues were and how you helped to resolve them.  Also, you can conduct interviews with them and capture the interview on video and post it to your client portal.
  1. Always test your success. All your customer connection efforts are for naught if you aren’t providing the service they need. Ensure their issues are addressed in a timely, effective fashion, and treat each one as your only client. Consider sending each one a satisfaction survey on a monthly basis along with your invoice.
  1. Hire a client advocate.As you become more successful, and you find time is scarce, you’ll eventually need someone devoted to executing programs that keep customers happy and connected.

By keeping communications lines open and maintaining customer relationships, not only will you retain your current customers, but, through word of mouth, you’ll obtain new ones. This takes an ongoing and consistent effort—One that takes time.  But it will be worth every bit of your investment.

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