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Month: July 2017

Social Media Marketing MSPs

Social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn provide an easy way to keep in touch with folks.  Not just friends and family, but your business contacts. You may already send your friends and family birthday and other congratulatory messages on these sites. But, have you considered doing the s[...] | Read More

ROI Expectations

MSPs ask us all the time: “How much of a return on investment will we get from Ulistic’s services?” My answer to them is another question: “How much are you willing to participate in your marketing?” Many of you expect an immediate return on your marketing investment—But this is an[...] | Read More

Trade Show SWAG

If not, you’re leaving new business on the table. Some of you might not know what a swag is, so I’ll explain: It’s the free stuff you offer at trade shows and other venues to encourage people to check out your services. A swag is simply company-branded merchandise used as a form of adve[...] | Read More

The recipe of success that worked for me as an MSP at IT Matters is an interesting one.  I wasn’t a trained sales person—Never took a sales-training course in my life. But, this is what I did do that worked: I hustled. I got out there and knocked on doors. Met people and developed relatio[...] | Read More

Better Every Day

Follow these tips and you’ll get better at marketing every day!  When marketing your IT MSP, it’s important to remember that things change every day.  Marketing is a fast-moving target.  Whatever you’re doing today, will change tomorrow—Guaranteed. For example, keywords are a thing [...] | Read More

social media marketing

Email marketing no longer holds the advantage that it used to. Unfortunately, spammers have exploited it—sending emails to anyone they can get their hands on, no matter how they obtained the data. Laws have been put in place that prevents this kind of marketing, such as the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003[...] | Read More

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