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Month: May 2015

Non Profit IT Services

With a focus on serving nonprofits and small businesses in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, Owia Technology's CEO shares his insights on the IT challenges these types of organizations face Ulistic's monthly Q&A with topline managed service providers (MSP) shines a spotlight on Owia Technology and [...] | Read More

generate business

In order to build lasting business relationships and drive new business, you need to up your marketing game by learning to toot your own horn. It's not a secret that every managed service provider (MSP) needs to do more than simply keep their clients happy, they must create a "wow" factor for bot[...] | Read More

June 2 is National Leave Work Earlier Day.  Did you know this? Are you aware of the perfect marketing opportunity around this special date?  Yes, there is.  The Cloud.  Every MSP wants to talk with their clients about the benefits cloud services offers.  Yes, the cloud is awesome.  We get [...] | Read More

This email just came in from a client of ours in California who ran with our Accounting Day sales letter free MSP marketing we made available to the MSP community.  It speaks for itself.  Oh yeah, he also uses the Ulistic 17 step sales & marketing process. "So I met with the CPA firm now twic[...] | Read More

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Have you sent out your marketing material for Memorial Day? Holidays and special days in the calendar are perfect opportunities for you to reach out and connect with clients, business opportunities, your network and any others. Ulistic has put togethe[...] | Read More

Helping small to mid-sized businesses reach their technology and business goals has always been priority No. 1 for Aurora Technical Consulting Ulistic's monthly Q&A with topline managed service providers (MSP) zeros in on Aurora Technical Consulting and its CEO and founder, Troy Brown. Boise[...] | Read More

For MSPs that serve the healthcare and insurance industries, it's crucial they understand all the complexities, challenges, and opportunities involved with the Act   For managed service providers (MSPs) serving the healthcare and insurance industries, it's crucial they understand all the co[...] | Read More

Many MSP websites and MSP marketing companies make the fatal business mistake of using a slider (carousel) on their homepage. While I disapprove, I do understand the logic behind it: a slider allows you to feature more content than you what you can fit in a static page, right? Well, that is true.[...] | Read More

accounting day

May 18th is Accounting Day – Are You Showing Off What You Can Do to Help Hard-Working Accountants Thrive in the Workplace? You’ve likely done the typical old marketing campaigns – targeting business owners of all types with the goal of selling your services to whomever you can, but that’s n[...] | Read More

Don’t miss out on 2015’s BIG opportunity: Compliance as a Service Join Ulistic and our partner Compliancy Group for another great Compliance as a Service webinar on June 3 from 2 PM to 3 PM Eastern Time.  Register here. Are you and your clients compliant? According to HHS, 70% of the ma[...] | Read More

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