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Month: July 2014

Infinity Technologies, an IT support company in Fredericksburg, VA, specializes in providing IT services and support for small to mid-sized businesses to improve their overall profitability and efficiency. When Infinity Technologies was looking for an MSP marketing firm to assist with their marketin[...] | Read More

Does my MSP website really need to integrate with ConnectWise? Short answer: No, not right now. Many MSPs get hung up on the idea that their MSP website absolutely needs to integrate with ConnectWise or any other PSA service. But allow me to explain why it’s not necessary. Although it’s a great[...] | Read More

100% of Managed IT Service Providers want more business. But unfortunately: Only 32% have a sound strategy to dramatically increase market share and aggressively win new business. Stuart Crawford, Chief Marketing Officer of Ulistic, grew IT Matters from 3 guys fixing computers in 2001, to a 5.4 m[...] | Read More

The advice I get most often about sales is that you need to engage with people. After all, sales is about connections. It means standing out in the crowd, managing to set up a meeting or even just getting into someone’s email inbox. You have to be charismatic. You learn to close the deal. But y[...] | Read More

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