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How often do you email your clients?  If you are like some in the “motivation” speakers, business coaches or some other MSP marketing consultants, this can be everyday activity.  This practice maybe a little excessive for the average managed services business, but it must be working or they wouldn’t do it.  Here is what I do know and can confidently share with you, those MSPs who have a regular routine of communicating with clients, prospects and suspects are MORE successful versus those who have no communication strategy.

How often should your managed service business communicate with your clients, prospects or suspects?

Here is my recommendation – WEEKLY!  –  Have a weekly email marketing strategy in place to stay in constant contact with your clients, prospects and suspects.  Share items of interest, news, tips and tricks and information that directly impacts them or you.

ANOTHER TIP – Everyone your business meets goes into your ConnectWise, Autotask or Tigerpaw.  EVERYONE!!!  No exceptions.  You get a business card, put it in your PSA and then import this list in your email marketing service.

OK, I can hear some of you…wouldn’t that drive up your unsubscribes?  Well, that is a risk but I also believe your clients will always want to hear from you, especially if you continue to provide high value and not just spraying crap for the sake of sending out an email.

Here is another thing about unsubscribes.  A suspect or prospect who unsubscribes was never going to be a client in the first place.  So get over that right now.  Let them go.  D

Early in my MSP marketing career with IT Matters I was overly concerned about the unsubscribes or the complainers out there.  You know that less than 1%. You know what I do when someone complains about my emails.  I wish them good luck and never let them bother me.  Some people just love to complain and you know what is a nightmare…what happens if they become a client?  Can you say CLIENT FROM HELL.  Cut them lose and never let them bother you.

Here is my recommendation for a regular email rhythm:

  • A monthly newsletter
  • A webinar invite
  • An event invite
  • A tech tip
  • Current news that could impact business in the community
  • Urgent messages
Get into a routine of regularly communicating with your clients and prospects.  BTW, for those on ConnectWise, tracks are awesome for sending out a rhythm of emails without much intervention from you.  I use Constant Contact’s auto responder service, it is amazing for just sending out regular tips and tricks.
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