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Ulistic Partnership Offers CRM Integration With ConnectWise and Infusionsoft

If you haven’t yet experienced the difference in Ulistic IT managed services, your company has missed out. But, it’s never too late to take full advantage of our advanced CRM solutions, such as Infusionsoft and ConnectWise data center management. It is our contention that effective IT services and content marketing should work hand in hand to better streamline business communications. Mirroring ConnectWise and InfusionSoft databases does the job of a top-tier CRM broker–handling CSV file imports, dirty data, and other collating procedures that eliminate extra work for APs and other executive aids.

Where Content Marketing and Professional Services Meet

You are dealing with two distinct business platforms–one, ConnectWise, is billed as “The world’s #1 business management platform,” while the other, InfusionSoft, provides sales and marketing automation, combining the key aspects of these areas into one conforming database solution. By mirroring these two powerful business aids, we can provide for companies in one joint program all the tools necessary to manage contacts, generate leads, and do everything a sales force can do–and more.

InfusionSoft allows clients to:

  • Capture more leads
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Master e-commerce
  • Provide a seamless online shopping experience, 24/7
  • Manage the sales process
  • Easily manage who you follow up with, and when
  • Save much more time

ConnectWise allows its clients to:

  • Automate any aspect of doing business
  • Manage clients with top-rated CRM technology
  • Identify and manage sales leads with marketing analytics
  • Analyze metrics and build e-mail campaigns accordingly
  • Manage contracts, automate invoicing, and provide flexible billing options
  • Automate project management
  • Manage procurement and inventory, and much more.

So, you can see the great value-added benefits of being able to combine these two powerhouses into one mirrored service as part of your network and data center optimization!

Benefits of the InfusionSoft-ConnectWise Partnership

Some of the great key benefits of having these two software apps mirrored and working for you include letting your sales & operations teams can continue to work in Connectwise independently, while your marketing/Infusionsoft staff works in Infusionsoft to build marketing campaigns. This marriage of business data automation lets employees focus on their jobs instead of having to learn new tools. Allows you to use Connectwise workflow (on Opportunities, Companies, or Configurations, for example) to set Infusionsoft tags. For example, should an agreement or configuration come up for annual renewal, then you can tag them into an email marketing campaign which tailor-makes messages for those particular clients. It also allows you to push new Infusionsoft contacts (e.g. from PPC campaigns, web opt-ins, etc.) to Connectwise for sales team follow-up. The automated “marriage” of these two best friends of business execs also cleans house in your database by weeding out duplicate companies and contacts. You also get real-time updates, CSV export and import procedures being taken care of automatically.

Ongoing marketing intelligence courtesy of Infusionsoft can be passed along to your Connectwise CRM sales reps, with the result of having a much more comprehensive, streamlined CRM and data management. This will allow you to:

  • Import new and changed companies, contacts, and actions from Infusionsoft to ConnectWise.
  • Transfer any new contacts from web opt-ins into Connectwise.
  • Use the regular Connectwise API, with no SQL database access required.
  • Work with both on-premise & cloud-hosted versions of Connectwise.

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Imagine, in addition to the above facts, being able to utilize secure connections when making data transactions, and have complete synchronization of updates and history of data changes between the two platforms and the broker. Call Ulistic today at 716.799.1999 for more info on how to get truly connected with the ConnectWise-InfusionSoft synergy working for you!

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