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On the Record with the Leaders of Radiate Technologies: Steadily Transforming IT Support Throughout South Carolina

Kyle Cox is the CEO and Mike Snively is the VP of Development at Radiate Technologies, a leading IT services company in Charleston, South Carolina.

They have succeeded tremendously in changing the IT support experience for their clients. Businesses that choose to work with Radiate Technologies understand that they are acquiring more than just an IT services provider. They are gaining a partner who understands business needs over and beyond technology needs.

The history behind their company… and where it all started:

Radiate Technologies was started in 2007 as an application service provider for the legal industry. As they continued to connect with clients and with the Charleston area as a whole, they realized that the overall managed services market was underserved. Thereafter, they evolved from the initial application model to a more generalized managed service provider and broadened their client focus from the legal vertical throughout most verticals. Today, they have a large presence in healthcare, manufacturing, and a wide range of other verticals.

What led them to believe that they were on the right path with their transition to managed services?

Many of their legal clients often approached them with questions or to express their needs around their general IT infrastructure and overall strategic planning in the IT space. As those conversations progressed, they realized that their clients really had nowhere to turn. Due to the relationships they had already established, they decided that they would be a great organization to help guide those clients through their growth and better use of technology. And, to help achieve the transition to managed services, they refocused many of the resources that they already had in house to the managed support space.

What is the main benefit that clients take away from working with the entire team at Radiate Technologies?

The team has a lot of depth and strength in the strategic planning space. Their business puts a lot of focus into understanding their clients’ business needs, objectives and plans for growth, and mapping technology solutions to enable and empower those decisions. Furthermore, their business process is structured to ensure that each department communicates effectively both internally and externally. They’re constantly on the lookout for better ways to address performance and ensure that a strategic plan is devised to mitigate those problems 

Who is the ideal client?

With regards to size, their ideal client has 20-75 users within the verticals already identified. Moreover, their ideal client’s entire business model is usually very dependent on technology, and they have an understanding of how technology can be a competitive tool for their business moving forward. Instead of using technology as a mere static investment, they utilize it as an operating expense to be continually upgraded because it helps their most expensive asset—their employees—to do their jobs better. Those are the clients that take their advice and strategic conversations to heart, thereby getting the most value from their services.

How does Radiate Technologies differentiate itself from other competitors in South Carolina?

While there are a small handful of competitors that are fairly similar to them, they differentiate themselves through their strategic and proactive process and planning mindset that they bring to the table. The majority of South Carolina MSPs have a similarly strong team and tools that they use for IT support, but clients of Radiate Technologies frequently tell them that their proactive mindset, coupled with their thought process, makes the deciding difference. Through a recent survey, they found that their clients are able to spend far more time managing their business than they were able to under their previous IT provider. On average, clients recovered 10 hours per month due to not having to deal with frequent IT issues.

What are the top values as a company?

Their core values really center on the client being first. They strive to understand the business value of any decision that is made for their clients, deliver upon long-term versus short-term solutions, and provide extraordinary service during all phases of interaction. Furthermore, they make great efforts to ensure that their clients’ expectations are met within the agreed upon time frame.

Looking for an IT services provider with an in-depth understanding of both technology and business? To experience the best level of IT support in South Carolina, contact Radiate Technologies at (716) 263-6961 or send them an email: info@ulistic.com.

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