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Recently we had the honor of interviewing visionary David Sims from South Carolina. He is the owner of the renowned website HIPAAforMSPS.com. This site was created to serve MSP’s who are looking to branch off into the Healthcare IT sector, but don’t know how to go about it.

Healthcare IT is an extremely profitable niche for MSP’s to enter into because it’s exponential growth since 2013. However, with such a lucrative niche comes a colossal obstacle.

Government compliance.

David Sims has first-hand experience with the difficulties associated with the Healthcare IT industry. In our interview he explained how in 2013 the United States government passed a new law that made it illegal for MSP’s to serve any healthcare related businesses, without first being HIPAA compliant.

This has become a major issue to many MSP’s, and I’m assuming that’s why you’re here.

So let me ask you,

How do you stay up to date, compliant, and get the right training without wasting your time filtering through the flood of new information?

Or if you’re already compliant, do you know how to maintain this compliance?

David Sims offers a revolutionary membership program that compiles everything you need to know about becoming, and staying HIPAA compliant. He also offers a high quality HIPAA certification program, which lets you brag about how special…I mean specialized you are to your prospective clients.

“It was hard find prepackaged information for HIPAA compliance. I wasted countless hours reading random articles on the topic. It’s such a battle to figure out what applies and what’s accurate.” says Sims

Between now and 2020 there’s going to be a giant flux for MSP’s to capitalize on the healthcare IT niche. So it’s financially smart to be HIPAA compliant.

“I have a team of experts to drive success for our customers. We have articles, we have webinars, we have video training series for you or your employees to watch. The list goes on: discount vendor services, documents and checklists so that you can assess the client.” Sims eagerly explains.

I’d also like to add that becoming HIPAA compliant isn’t entirely about succumbing to Uncle Sam’s demands. You can also increase your prices if you’re specialized and compliant. This means that your clients are getting a 2 for 1 deal – your fantastic IT services, and HIPAA compliance!

Now, although you can never officially become “HIPAA certified”, it’s a fantastic way to market yourself to healthcare companies and practitioners. Lately there’s been a ton of internal data breaches in the healthcare field, mostly thanks to poor IT management.

Therefore if you market yourself as fully knowledgeable in healthcare IT management and data protection, you can essentially beat our 98.7% of your competition who is not specialized in this field.

That’s a goldmine just waiting to be tapped. And if you don’t, your competitor will.

So, if you’d like to learn more about David Sims ground-breaking HIPAA membership program, or his certification course – or maybe you’re feeling a little lonely and just want to have a friendly chat…

You can reach him at David@hipaaformsps.com

Or check out his website at HIPAAforMSPS.com

P.S. Are you an MSP looking for new and innovative ways to influence your prospective clients and grow your business?

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You won’t be sorry – I’m certain of it!

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