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We’ve heard it before: email security is boring, and it’s difficult to make people interested in something they don’t seem to care about! What’s the trick to making your email security offering more alluring? That’s simple: work with an email security provider who offers such a fantastic email security solution, business owners simply can’t resist.

Roaring Penguin, headquartered in Ottawa, ON, specializes in anti-spam, email, and virus protection software. Their solutions are customizable, scalable, simple to administer, and compatible with all email servers with unparalleled end-user control that gives business owners peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find an email security solution you AND your clients will appreciate?

Sam Coyl, President and CEO of Netrepid, leverages Roaring Penguin’s range of email security solutions. He expressed, “We’ve been around for about 11 years. We started off doing traditional IT services and a lot of project-based stuff but I’m starting to move into a more reoccurring model.”

He continued, “We bought a couple of local ISPs that were born in the dial-up days. They were using Postini for spam filtering. It gave us the start we needed but not the enterprise-level scalability we wanted. Postini just didn’t have the scalability and the dynamic tools we needed.”

What makes Roaring Penguin’s range of email security solutions alluring? Sam explained, “We came across Roaring Penguin and talked to them about the tool. It runs on Linux, it’s scalable, we can cluster it, we have control over the rules, and we can assign different domains so it’s not the same policy for every single domain.”

He went further into the benefits, “We can also give the domain admin global access to do domain-wide whitelisting and blacklisting. It’s exactly what we wanted so we put it in place. We started with a couple hundred accounts, and now we have several thousand! It’s been a great tool for us.”

Imagine boosting your revenue by an additional 20% through the right email security solution…

Sam spoke about Roaring Penguin’s email security solutions, “Without the tools and services they provide, there’s probably a good 15-20% of our business we wouldn’t be able to do. Those features enable us to generate about 20% of our revenue! It’s great to give providers the ability to have another source of reoccurring revenue that provides enterprise class security integrated into any system.”

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Discover what makes Roaring Penguin the best email security provider for IT service organizations looking to keep their clients secure while attracting new business opportunities. Call 613-231-6599 or email sales@roaringpenguin.com immediately.

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