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May 18th is Accounting Day – Are You Showing Off What You Can Do to Help Hard-Working Accountants Thrive in the Workplace?

You’ve likely done the typical old marketing campaigns – targeting business owners of all types with the goal of selling your services to whomever you can, but that’s not always effective, is it? When it comes to creating successful marketing campaigns, it’s all about the emotional connection and ‘wow’ factor.

Ulistic is offering free downloadable accounting day marketing campaigns for IT service companies looking to go above and beyond the typical old marketing campaigns! Call {phone} or send us an email: {email}.

What better way to connect with your audience than creating a campaign specifically for them? The greatest campaigns resonate with your audience – lets them know that you understand their pain points and objectives; creating an affinity between your prospect and the services you offer instead of simply trying to sell your services.

Ulistic’s cutting-edge accounting day marketing campaigns will cover the following topics to catch every accountant’s attention:

  • What accountant’s pain points are and the many challenges associated with accounting.
  • How your services can make an accountant’s day go smoother and eliminate those pain points.

Plus, when you showcase your expertise with specialization in the accounting industry, you’re branding yourself as a leader in that market – giving your prospects a reason to trust you and believe that you KNOW what they want and need from their information technology.

Make your next marketing campaign a memorable one that resonates with your audience and builds brand loyalty. Contact Ulistic at 716.799.1999 or info@ulistic.com.

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