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Launching a Successful MSP Business Overnight…Possibly Impossible

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t talk to an MSP provider that is looking for new business, better said, desperate for new business and is willing to take any client even if it doesn’t fit their business model. But there’s an old saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither can a successful MSP business.

Instead of taking “the best of the worst” clients for the money to pay your everyday bills, find qualified clients that fit into your business model and concentrate on making them successful. Even though you might not like the sound of that, taking this advice will help your business grow, but your overnight success may take a little longer than you initially thought. In the long run, your success will happen; it might take eight years, but it will happen.

Create a marketing plan and business plan and use current qualified customers to help you find new prospects. Here are some tips that MSPs can use to generate qualified leads, keeping in mind that if you support them first before selling to them a relationship is formed and could convert into a client.

  1. Advertise in trade publications, post on social media, join the local Chamber of Commerce or business organization.
  2. Offer a free webinar or seminar to share your knowledge and services.
  3. Offer a free audit or consultation.
  4. Partner with a professional company like Ulistic to make sure your online presence is up to date and working for you.

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