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What are willing to give away for free to get people to call you or put bums in seats?

Are you willing to give away something of value?  What is your lost leader?

I recently ran across a promotion by a managed services training company offering a free MSP website if you come out to one of their events.

However, what is the real value to this offer?

Here is the challenge for the managed service providers who take up the offer.  First of all, there maybe up to 40 or 50 companies who accept the offer of a free MSP website in exchange for their precious time, however, how do you sound different when your brand is exactly the same as every other MSP in the area.  After all, many MSPs sound the same when really when we remove the layers of the business, there are many things that each company does different.  However, many MSPs have been brainwashed to focus on two or three things and everyone says the same old thing.

But there are some who simply do not subscribe to the standard message and they are doing some awesome things.

So does this type of marketing activity work in your business?  If it does great, go for it. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, I encourage you to find your own voice, have your unique culture stand out in your MSP website and MSP marketing efforts plus adopt a sales process that is customized for your MSP business.

This is what Ulistic does, we help you align your culture with your sales and marketing efforts.  Interested, call us.


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