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If you are…then you need to listen to this 30 minute interview with Amon Prasad.  Amon runs a highly successful MSP practice in the San Francisco Bay Area called Network Remedy.  Ulistic first met Amon’s team at our San Francisco workshop in May and it has been great to follow their success as they become a market leader.  They are not a clone MSP.  They truly lead and one of the tools that helps them stand out is Opvizor.  A VMWare monitoring and predictive management platform.  Opvizor provides the foundation for Network Remedy to go after larger clients with confidence and truly positions themselves to become the trusted IT advisor to CIOs and CFOs.

Ulistic highly recommends taking Opvizor on a test drive. Click here.

Listen to the MSP show below or click here to download.

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What is Opvisor?

Opvizor is a predictive analysis tool for VMWare (essentially it is monitoring on steroids).  This tool reviews your (or your clients) VMware deployment and analyses the data against over 700 rules (growing by 20-30 rules per month).  It is then able to predict any pending failures that may occur due to system errors, misconfiguration, and security vulnerabilities.  Essentially, it gives you time to act on these issues rather than the traditional monitoring solutions that simply tell you when thresholds are reached or things are already broken.  Opvizor goes even further by providing detailed instructions for RESOLVING the errors not just telling you that you have an error.

Opvisor is a secure, cloud based solution so there is no configuration that the client has to do beyond installation of the agent and the interval of the uploads to the cloud solution.

Here is a really quick video that helps explain the solution (you will need to register though).

This will give you a good overview and benefit to any company that deploys this solution.

The ROI for any client that deploys this solution is about 3 months (so the product essentially pays for itself within three months).

Deployment is about 10 minutes (or less). Simply download an agent and point it to your VCenter server (the brains for any VMware deployment)

Here is some more information from the Opvizor website also: https://opvizor.com/solution/

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