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Little Rock Managed ServicesProcyon Solutions helps nonprofits and other small businesses in the Little Rock, Arkansas area take advantage of enterprise-class solutions and Managed IT Services and Support for a fixed, cost-effective fee.

Procyon needed a bit of a boost to help drive revenue and increase sales conversions, and they smartly turned to Ulistic for help.  Through our MSP Managed Marketing Services, Procyon’s goals were surpassed.  They’ve not only increased their client base but have added new contracts for their monthly Managed IT Services and Support.  Ulistic helped Procyon throughout the course of our business relationship achieve goals and objectives! 

Lynne Jetton, President and CEO of Procyon Solutions wrote to use saying:

Our social media, blogs, and newsletters from Ulistic kept us in our prospects’ and clients’ vision. They have all commented on our very informative content [provided by Ulistic] and how relevant it is.  Thank you Ulistic!”

Once again, this proves that Ulistic can help to drive your MSP’s success.

As MSP specialists and marketing experts, we know the answers to getting new clients and driving up revenue.  Our marketing is the fuel that feeds your business. Without a strategic marketing plan from Ulistic, you’re left “marketing by default”—relying on vendor-provided marketing materials and market development funds that generate little or no results.

Here’s What We Did.

  • Strategized with Lynne and Keith Jetton from Procyon. Then we all committed to the execution of an annual marketing strategy complete with key performance indicators and deliverables.
  • Reviewed Procyon’s existing website and made recommendations on what it should say and how it should look to attract the customers they were looking for. This meant a complete redesign and fresh, new content that spoke directly to those they wanted to attract.
  • Created a customized marketing strategy with everything Procyon needed to successfully sell their managed services.
  • Deployed sales and marketing recommendations provided by Ulistic, and executed a proven sales strategy to win new customers.
  • Developed and executed monthly direct-marketing services including direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing to Procyon’s top prospects.  This created an ongoing awareness that kept Procyon in the minds of their prospects and clients.
  • Managed their online and electronic marketing with fresh and unique blog content, monthly newsletters, video marketing and social media.
  • Helped Procyon Solutions get found on Google.  Through proven Google Adwords and search-marketing strategies, Ulistic created an online presence and provided the online opportunities they had been looking for.
  • Consulted with Lynne and Keith and their sales team regarding what they needed to do to close more business.
  • Worked with Procyon Solution’s vendor partners to ensure their vendors’ marketing also spoke to Procyon customers.
  • Developed all Procyon’s sales collateral, with an immediate professional curb appeal that relayed to their market audience how professional, reliable and effective they are.

We’re always pleased to hear from our satisfied clients and help them achieve the stratospheric success they deserve!   Congratulations Lynne, Keith and the team at Procyon Solutions.  And thank you for trusting Ulistic to help grow your MSP business!

If you want to take your MSP business to the next level, call Ulistic today—Your MSP marketing professionals at 716.799.1999 ext 102, and book a complimentary, no-obligation review of your existing marketing strategy.

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