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There is a big world out there.  Ulistic understands the overall importance of the global IT market in the world’s economy.  Continuing its focus on providing exceptional MSP coaching and marketing services will continue as Ulistic expands to help MSPs in two new countries.

St. Catharines, ON May 30, 2012 – Growth of the global MSP community is gaining momentum and many IT services organizations are in search of trustworthy advisors to help them gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

Ulistic continues its focus on helping IT services organizations globally with recent expansion into the United Kingdom and Jamaica.  Ulistic provides exceptional MSP coaching and business development strategies that are designed to help clients to generate new business opportunities, maintain existing client bases and build strong relationships with strategic vendors.

“It is a big wide world outside of North America,”  Said Stuart Crawford, Ulistic’s chief MSP Coach and Consultant.  “We feel that our history in the Canadian MSP market best positions us to expand globally.  Many countries in the Commonwealth, Europe and the Pacific share many of the same struggles we did in Canada.  Our healthcare systems are similar, legal systems are almost identical and we all face day-to-day challenges unique to our specific markets.”

Ulistic helps managed IT services providers to achieve complete success in all aspects of their businesses, including service delivery, PSA integration, MSP offerings, sales support and marketing services.  Ulistic continues to help with marketing execution, including the development of MSP websites that extend the culture of a business, ensure that an MSP business ranks well on major search engines and those client solutions are highlighted and used to create a connection with prospects.

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Ulistic specializes in helping MSP businesses expand their service horizons. The team of professional MSP business development consultants will review your end goals and create a customized program that’s designed to achieve stratospheric growth.

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