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Are you kidding me?  What type of Facebook followers would these be?  I know…starts with a C and ends with RAP.  Why do people still fall for this sort of gimmicks.  Are these 1000 Facebook Likes your clients or prospects who follow your business because they are interested in what you have to say or what you do?

Chance are NO!  So if you get an email like the one I got today, just disregard it.  Social Media is about connections and sharing, not running up the numbers.

Here is an example of the email I received today.  They can’t even spell entrepreneurs correctly.

Hi there,

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Guerillrr – the new force in social media marketing…

At Guerillrr we help businesses, brands, musicians and entrepeneurs reach out to connect with new audiences, build their brands and boost their profiles.

As it’s the season of goodwill, we’re offering you the chance to dip your toes and try out one of our services at a reduced rate, in this case, you can get 1000 Facebook Fans for just $9.99 (RRP 34.99).

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KInd regards,

Che Guerilrr



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