x Threats Impacting MSPs and Your Clients - What you really need to know.

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We hear it all the time.  If you don’t have a BDR strategy you will be out of business. If you are not offering only fixed-cost IT you will be out of business.  The latest, if you are not in the cloud you will lose all your clients and you will be out of the business.

These threats have been in our industry for years.  You know what, many MSPs and IT service organizations are still doing well today and even better, still making money.

What real threats are out there that could impact your business and your clients?

Ulistic has come up with a few in our special white paper that we will email you.  Just fill out the short form below and you will get a copy of the “Business Threats White Paper” emailed to you.

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Ulistic interviewed Dan Weedin of Toro Consulting to help us figure out what really matters to business and what you need to speaking about with your clients.

Do you want a copy of this whitepaper branded with your company logo?   Make it available for download on your website.  Ulistic can help you with this.  Email us today to learn how you can get your copy.

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Coach Stu (Stuart) Crawford
MSP Coach and MSP Business Development Consultant

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