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The MSPs Guide to the Perfect StoryBrand Website

Do you know what a StoryBrand website is and how it can benefit your business? If not, you may be missing out on a lot of potential profits. Forbes recently highlighted brand storytelling as a “must-have” marketing tactic, noting that it enables companies to stand out from the competition and cultivate customer relationships that lead to future sales and customer referrals.

Thankfully, it’s not complicated for managed service providers to create an ideal StoryBrand website that will not only attract new clients but also help current clients better understand who you are and what you have to offer. Here are some tips to get you started on the right track.

The Four Steps of StoryBrand Marketing

Pick Your Audience

Do you want to reach small business owners or large companies? Does your firm target businesses in your city or state or companies throughout the nation? Are there certain industries that are more likely to work with your firm than others? You need to know who your audience is if you want to understand their problems and offer workable solutions.

Explain the Problems

Your clients know what their problems are, but you still need to explain them. Doing so shows you understand what your audience is up against. It also shows that you are an expert in your field that can be trusted to supply the right solutions.

Introduce Yourself and Your Potential Solutions

Every company website introduces itself and showcases what it has to offer. What sets StoryBrand websites apart from the rest is the fact that you’re not setting yourself up as the hero who has all the answers. Rather, the reader who is facing the problem is the one that is highlighted as the hero. You’re merely the guide to help your readers get where they want to go.

A StoryBrand website will introduce your firm as a worthy, reliable partner that has the tools and expertise companies need to reach their core goals. IT managed services, for instance, would show how their services would boost employee productivity, protect data, and keep company systems fully optimized at all times. MSPs that focus on marketing and website design could show how their work would boost sales and profits while providing a company with invaluable data to power data-driven decisions.

Showcase the Results (or Lack Thereof)

What happens when companies decide to partner with your firm? Do you have reliable, quantifiable data that shows positive results? If so, be sure to highlight it. Showcase positive customer reviews so your readers can see what you’ve done for other, similar companies. If you work with well-known brand names, display their logos on your site. It generates trust as potential customers realize that others have trusted you in the past, with good results.

At the same time, don’t feel compelled to promise that companies that work with you will achieve “X” results by “X” data. Doing so is unwise unless you can actually guarantee results. Instead, use data to show what will happen if companies adopt a particular set of solutions. For instance, you can talk about how using certain technology can boost workplace performance by a certain percentage, or point out that companies that have moved to the cloud report cost savings of “X” amount.

On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to point out the potential disasters and pitfalls companies can avert if they adopt certain solutions. Having a team of cybersecurity experts manage your IT cybersecurity, for instance, can help a company avoid devastating cyberattacks. There are plenty of statistics that not only showcase the high cost of dealing with an attack but also the number of companies that shut down permanently in the wake of a hack.

Wrapping It Up

Now comes the call to action. You’ve introduced yourself to your readers, shown empathy with their plight, and offered solutions to help them reach their goals. Now that your readers have gotten to know you, it’s time to lead them to the next step. A clear-cut call to action makes it easy for potential clients to get started working with you. It could be an offer for a complimentary IT analysis, a free consultation, or an online appointment form so businesses can make an appointment with you at their convenience. Make sure those who click on your CTA button know what to expect if they decide to try you out.

Get Professional Help

Ulistic specializes in meeting the marketing needs of managed service providers. We have over ten years of experience in our field and our team of experts has all the tools and experience you need to not only create a compelling StoryBrand website but also map out a comprehensive marketing plan that will generate quantifiable results. Get in touch with us at your convenience to schedule a free initial consultation and start a customized onboarding process designed to meet your exact needs.

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