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MSP Sales CoachingThe main reason why the ‘Give-it-a-Shot’ close will work well for your business is because it helps diminish the anxiety clients tend to have when they’re buying from a new vendor. Every prospect worries about who you are and what your company can do for their business; they’re often concerned that they might not be making the right choice. That’s why the ‘Give-it-a-Shot’ Close Technique works so well; because it has a ‘no-big-deal’ feel to it and it’s a casual, low-pressure close that will help your clients feel relaxed about making a decision whether to hire you or not.

On a conscious or subconscious level, the client will be left feeling at ease because the close will make them feel that it’s reversible, and not permanent. It’s subtle but significant without being manipulative; and if you can deliver this close in a nonchalant manner, your client won’t feel any pressure knowing that you’re at ease as well.

Examples of The ‘Give-It-A-Shot’ Close

This method of closing is simple to use yet sophisticated enough to close your leads.

  • “Sarah, based on the information I’ve provided for you, and how it could help increase your revenues, would you like to give the program a shot?”
  • “So, Sarah, why not give it a shot and see for yourself what Ulistic can do for your business?”
  • “Sarah, unless you’ve got any more questions for me, would you like to give Ulistic a shot and see what we can do for you?”

Why the ‘Give-It-A-Shot’ Close Will Work Wonders with Telephone Reps

Many telephone reps are hesitant about closing; they often worry about seeming too pushy or aggressive. The ‘Give-It-A-Shot’ close makes it a lot easier for the telephone rep because while they’re still asking for the sale, they don’t have to feel too much pressure about it; and the more consistently you use it, the more prospects say ‘yes’ to it.

Making the ‘Give-It-A-Shot’ Close Work for You

Of course, it will still depend on your company’s qualifications and good questioning on your part, and you’ll still have to deliver a good presentation after you’ve identified a need. All of the fundamentals will be required, including how to handle a rebuttal. Once you’ve mastered those fundamentals, follow these steps:

Step #1: Recap the situation and nonchalantly use the close.
Try something along the lines of this, “Sarah, based on what you’ve already told me about your needs to increase revenue, it sounds like Ulistic would be a great fit to boost profit among your clients. So, given what I’ve told you, would you like to give Ulistic a shot?”

Step #2: Go silent.
Let your client think about the opportunity and avoid adding anything that will confuse and clutter their mind. You know the saying ‘Silence is golden?’ This is an example where it’s true.

What happens after the silence?
At this point, one of three things will happen:

First, they might ask questions, or have concerns and objections. This becomes a great opportunity to provide your client with more information and help them make the decision to buy what you’re selling.

Second, just as the same with any other technique, you’ll find they could possibly say “no.” This is when you thank them for their time and try again!

Third, they could say ‘yes,’ and now you’ve got a sale! So, why not try and ‘Give-It-A-Shot’ today?

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