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Sydney Accounting IT SupportWhen a client in the financial services industry experienced a failed notebook hard drive, Sydney Technology Solutions (STS) deployed their industry-leading, hard disk recovery tools to recover the company’s business-critical data.

The Challenge: Recovering Business Critical Data From a Failed Notebook Hard Drive

Businesses in the financial services industry often find data protection and recovery to be an important asset to their company. The amount of data created in this industry on a daily basis is consistently increasing, and there are compliance requirements under the federal and state regulations.

For companies in this industry, data loss can be a disaster, not to mention a highly costly process. When the clients’ business critical data was lost on a failed notebook hard drive, STS was able to save the clients data, as well as avoid a costly charge by other data recovery firms.

The Solution: Using Industry Leading Hard Disk Recovery Tools To Recover Lost Data

STS has invested heavily in industry-leading data recovery and disk imaging tools to complement their extensive specialized skills.  Data Copy King (DCK), newly designed hard drive duplication from Salvation DATA Technology, was used to recover the client’s business critical data. Data Copy King is the only hard drive duplicator with ‘UNIC’ disk imaging solutions, which provides the ability to copy data from drives with severely bad sectors or unstable heads. that are detectable in the bios.

The client’s office manager explained that, “STS was able to recover our critical data at costs that didn’t ‘break the bank.’ STS went above the call of duty to assist!”

The Result: Full Recovery of the Client’s Business-Critical Data

The client was pleased with the recovery of their data. STS helped them develop and maintain an effective disaster recovery capability. In the event of a disaster or hard drive failure, they now have the tools necessary to recover all of their business-critical data. 

Sydney Technology Solutions Provides Cutting-Edge Technologies For All Their Clients

For over seven years, STS has been providing disaster recovery and business continuity services to organizations in Australia.  STS specializes in financial markets and offers their extensive experience to ensure their clients are able to meet APRA regulations by developing test plans, conducting tests, and recording results.

STS developed leading cutting-edge technologies to ensure that their clients have a reliable disaster-recovery process in place, and that they have access to industry-leading hard disk recovery tools from Salvation Data Technology.

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