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I get asked everyday, Stuart, how can I use Social Media to grow my MSP business?

Want to know the secret to making social media work?

Stop broadcasting useless junk and start sharing items that interest your prospects and clients.

What are these items?

  • Your involvement in the community
  • Profiles of your top employees
  • Stories about your clients
  • Human interaction between two people
It is not signing up to a feed from any of the groups out there who do that sort of stuff.  It is about making meaningful connections between your firm and the community.

Who is the best person on your team for that?

  • I can tell you right now, it isn’t your sales or marketing team
  • Your receptionist
  • Office manager
  • client services director

Anyone who deals with people can manage your social media.

Here is a great example, Infinity Networks in Macon, GA worked with Ulistic to get a social media strategy going.  They stopped feeding junk from their blog and website and had their receptionist/office manager take over the management of all social media.

Is it working?  You better believe it!

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