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San Antonio IT CompanyThe Children’s Night Clinic is an after-hours, walk-in, urgent care facility providing pediatric care services to families in San Antonio, Texas. They act as an alternative to the emergency room for children with non-life-threatening emergencies. As you can imagine, they have many more things to worry about than taking care of IT issues.

A Quality Medical Provider Needed a Quality IT Provider

Dr. Penon, who runs the clinic, was unhappy with the IT service he had been receiving and was looking for a new IT provider.  His vendor for electronic medical records (EMR) recommended Pit Crew IT Services and thought we would be the right choice for The Children’s Night Clinic. Because of this recommendation, Dr. Penon knew he could trust us and our solutions to keep his practice running at all times.

This was of supreme importance, because Dr. Penon was distrustful of IT vendors due to his past experiences. Dr. Penon had been “burned” by IT providers who employed price gouging by marking up the costs of the hardware they installed. Pit Crew IT never has, and never will adopt this policy. And, because we kept him informed through quarterly reviews, Dr. Penon developed a great trust in us.

Unlike Others, Pit Crew IT Provides “After-Hours Care”

Dr. Penon had also been disappointed by the hit-or-miss strategies used by other IT providers, but Pit Crew IT changed this dynamic for his clinic.  The clinic is open each day from 3pm – 11pm to address after-hours urgent care for children.  Because of this, he definitely needed IT uptime during these hours, but previous vendors couldn’t provide the after-hours services he needed. Pit Crew IT does—We provide his clinic with full onsite and remote support to ensure each of his patients gets the superior service and care they deserve.

Dr. Penon and his staff appreciate the services Pit Crew IT provides:

“There’s always a friendly voice at the other end of the line no matter who you are talking to and what their role is at Pit Crew IT.  My staff always comments on the fact that they enjoy dealing with the team at Pit Crew IT and feel like they are truly receiving service with a smile.” He went on to say, “Every time we have an issue, Pit Crew has been there immediately to resolve it. Even though our business hours are 3pm-11pm, they never disappoint.  The initial promise of quick response and resolution is always delivered on. Pit Crew IT also takes the time to follow up with us and make sure we are operational and content with the resolution—this is something that nobody else has done for us in the past.  With previous providers sometimes we would go days or even weeks without receiving assistance on our support tickets.  With Pit Crew IT, the support is instantaneous!”

“The Prognosis” 

The Children’s Night Clinic now enjoys maximum uptime, and their patients receive repeatable and reliable care because the IT systems that run their operations are doing their job. This in turn allows Dr. Penon the ability to see more patients, concentrate on their needs, and leave the IT worries to us.

Dr. Penon says that working with Pit Crew IT Services makes his life easier:

“I no longer have to ‘stress out’ about IT issues because I know Pit Crew IT is always watching things and staying a step ahead of the game.  When issues do pop up, they are so quick to resolve them, most of the time nobody even notices anything happened.  The fact that my staff is very happy when dealing with Pit Crew IT means one less thing for me to worry about!”

About Pit Crew IT Services

Pit Crew IT Services is the fastest growing provider of Managed IT Services in the San Antonio area.  We specialize in serving small- and mid-sized businesses. Since our inception, we’ve strived to challenge the status quo and develop an organization that focuses on customer service just as much as we do technology. By combining best-of-breed technology with a passion for customer service, we’re able to provide reliable, cost-effective, scalable solutions at an affordable price point.

But that’s not all. Our crewmembers and our culture play a big part as well. We hire a very unique group of employees who have a rare mix of both people and technical skills. As a team we make it our mission to constantly improve the level of service we provide, and to build long-term relationships with our clients.

For a complimentary, no-obligation assessment of your IT infrastructure, please call us at 210.547.9395 or complete our web form at:  www.pitcrewit.com/contact

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