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MSP Skills Set Seminar – Toronto – August 23rd, 2012

James Moutsos said “Very informative. Thanks again Stuart.”



SPECIAL GUEST TRAINER:  Dr. Bob Acton from Obair Leadership.  Teaching two sessions.  Read Dr. Acton’s bio and CV here.  Read Dr. Acton’s Blog here.

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With the right skills and training, you can easily run a successful managed services business.  What is stopping you from coming to Toronto?  80% of success is just showing up!

How are your skills?  How do you rank your leadership capability?

Attend this event and start to master your MSP with the right skills while learning from industry leaders and your peers:

  • A great tool to pay your sales professionals accordingly
  • Resources on how to maximize marketing development funds from your suppliers
  • Key relationships with some of the best IT vendors
  • Tools that you can immediately put into place to grow business

Most important, what tools, services and products will help you make your business a success?

You’ve heard the old saying: Stop working in your business and start working on your business. Why can’t you do both? Many of us got into the MSP business because we love technology. Then one day we woke up in the throes of an entrprenial seizure.

Distractions abound in today’s MSP world. Everyone wants your attention. Turn off the noise and focus on running your successful MSP business.

During this one-day session in Toronto, MSP consultant Stuart Crawford will share tips and tricks learned throughout his 15-year career in the MSP world.

Your agenda will cover:

  • Leading Your MSP: Participants will share concepts and ideas on how to lead a growth-focused MSP through our chaotic times. Learn 10 principles of leadership used globally by military organizations and major corporations alike.
  • Leading Sales Teams: Participants can use this energizing learning experience to understand how critical leadership is to the success of sales teams. Attendees will learn how to construct a general leadership framework with which to understand and use strategies to lead sales people. Specific tactics will be discussed that  can be immediately implemented
  • Finding your Marketing Niche: Your marketing message is there somewhere. Sometimes it is right under your nose. Learn five key areas to focus on when designing your MSP marketing plan and how to properly execute your strategy. Get real-life tools that you can employ immediately in your MSP.
  • Finding the Right Sales Professional: Finding and hiring top-notch sales talent can often be a challenge. This workshop will take participants through a proven process that will increase their success in hiring effective, successful sales people who are also good team players. Participants will walk away with a clear step-by-step approach to hiring the right professionals for a thriving sales team.
  • How do we pay our Sales Professionals once we find them: Open discussion on sales compensation strategies that the largest or smallest IT services organization can employ.

Join Ulistic, Stuart Crawford and Dr. Bob Acton in Toronto for this special MSP peer group & training day.

Read more about our venue, The Vintage Conservatory –

There is only room for 15 people at this event.

Interested in attending?  Email Stuart Crawford today to book your spot.

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