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MSP Marketing GuaranteeWilliamsville, NY May 2013–With more IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) entering the marketplace, established MSPs are facing slowing sales and growth; some are even going out of business. This is due to the fact that many don’t market themselves effectively, or at all.

In years past, MSPs could grow their business through word-of-mouth referrals.  With an abundance of new MSPs selling services today, this is no longer the case.  The competition is fierce. Today, marketing is the lifeline for MSPs.

Realizing this, advertising and marketing agencies have jumped on the bandwagon—touting their knowledge of the IT industry and claiming that they can boost MSPs sales.  But many of these agencies actually don’t have the on-the-job MSP experience to really know what issues MSPs face.  Therefore, none of these agencies have been able to guarantee success.  Until now: 

Ulistic Offers New Results-Based MSP Marketing That Guarantees Success.

Ulistic is different.  Their professionals have years of IT MSP experience, so they know what issues MSPs deal with in the marketplace today. Their founder, Stuart Crawford, successfully built IT Matters, a $5.4 million MSP in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, employing 34 IT professionals. Crawford has the knowledge and experience to lead MSPs in their marketing, sales and business efforts.

Crawford saw the impending growth in MSP competition and realized the importance of marketing.  So since 2010, he’s devoted all of his energy into MSP marketing.  As a result, he’s helped other IT MSPs not only stay in business—but also grow their companies beyond their expectations. And as a result, Ulisitc has also grown; and now employs a capable team of IT MSP business and marketing professionals who provide a broad range of marketing, sales and business consulting services.

In just a few short years Ulisitic’s marketing services, sales training and business consulting has helped hundreds of MSPs across Canada and the U.S. achieve success.  And now, with proof that their strategies work, they can guarantee success.

“Ulistic is all about ensuring managed service providers are successful,” says Crawford. “Our goal is to provide MSPs with a proven marketing strategy using web, direct mail, telemarketing and other up-to-date and creative techniques. Ulistic ensures those who execute our strategies acquire new potential sales opportunities and a greater chance to close them. We guarantee success.”

Ulistic’s plan has revolutionized how managed service providers present themselves in the marketplace—resulting more sales opportunities, successful sales tactics and ultimately more business.  Their clients can focus all of their efforts on providing services, knowing that Ulistic’s capable professionals are managing their marketing efforts.

“It still takes hard work,” Crawford continued.  “This isn’t a set-it and forget-it program; it’s a continual, evolving process that requires ongoing teamwork and communication between our staff and our clients.  With this proven methodology, success is guaranteed.”

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