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Managed Services MarketingMarketing is no longer just a concern for big businesses or your vendor partners; it should be a priority for every MSP business no matter how big or small you are.  The battles for growth and success as a managed services provider are going to be won when you figure out how to out market your competitor and win in the trenches. Here is a tip:  Sounding like a robot and using all the same materials used by your competitors or relying on vendor crap…isn’t going to cut the mustard folks.  You must be unique with your MSP marketing. PERIOD!

With the internet and the explosion of social media, there is now so much that can be done on even the tightest of shoe string budgets. But successfully marketing your business requires the correct approach. If done incorrectly, marketing can become a waste of time and money, or even have a negative effect on your business. Marketing can make the difference between failing to meet sales targets, and far exceeding them. It should be something a business owner takes very seriously.

The person or MSP Marketing consultant you choose to help with your marketing should be a trusted professional with expertise (and MSP experience, that means they actually ran a MSP business, achieved success and now are ready to help you) that can enrich your business. Choosing a MSP marketing consultant is just as important as choosing a CPA or a lawyer.

Here are our top five questions to help you sort the golden grains of marketing wheat from the meaningless pitching chaff.

Could you provide me with some past clients I could speak to about your work?

A good managed services marketing consultant should be keen for you to speak to clients who will sing his praises and sell his marketing services. Any marketing professional should venture forward examples of previous work he has carried out for clients. Anybody can offer marketing services, but can he present successful case studies or testimonials?

How will you measure results?

Any strategy or campaign should have metrics in place to monitor progress and measure impact as well as a proven record of results.

What methods will you use to help me reach my goals?

A good marketing consultant should use a wide range of marketing tools and be able to give reasons and examples to support why she is right for your business. Don’t allow yourself to be seduced by talk of useless likes or followers. Keep sight of your goals and always ask how these things will help you to reach them.

What is your favourite marketing method?

As with any job, everyone has a favourite strategy. For a managed IT services marketing professional, it is far too easy to start focusing on using a method that is your personal favourite, and neglecting other possible avenues of marketing. A good MSP marketing consultant should be able to assess your managed services provider marketing needs objectively and use whatever means of marketing are most appropriate for your business.  His or Her favourite method of marketing should be the method that will bring your business the best results.

Why should I work with you rather than any other marketing consultant in the area?

The answer to this one should be good, sharp, concise and polished. If your next MSP marketing consultant can’t even establish his own unique selling point, there is not much hope for his helping you to establish and sell yours.

Ulistic would love to have an opportunity to win your MSP marketing business.  We know that we are not a good fit for everyone and we appreciate our own strengths and weaknesses.  However, you will never know if you don’t call us to see how we maybe able to help you.  Call us at 716.799.1999 or fill in the form on our website to get started.

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