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MSP LeadsThe world of MSP sales is tougher than ever. New small MSPs are joining the marketplace every day.  Larger ones are buying up the little guys and taking over. If you’re somewhere in between, how can you attract the leads you need?


By differentiating your MSP business from others, you can stand out and get noticed.  But it isn’t enough just to be different. You need to differentiate by making a difference in the mind of your leads. The difference has to mean something to them.

First, you must be able to differentiate your service from your competitor’s. Why is your MSP service better than others? Highlight and demonstrate how these differences translate into improved results and value for your prospect.

Second, and most importantly, you (the salesperson, business owner, tech) must  differentiate yourself from your competitors. Many of the MSPs we work for have signed on clients simply because of the expertise they relayed during a conversation with a prospect.  You have to “wow” them with your abilities, and your uniqueness.


Third, and basic to all businesses is to differentiate your MSP not so much by what you do, but how you do it.  This should be a direct reflection of your core values and the foundation for a strong brand. When you connect your core values to the “how,” you promote an emotional connection with clients who share similar values. This builds brand loyalty.  For example: “We fix things right the first time.”  “Your success is our success.”  “Our services result in real value for your business,” etc.  Just be sure to be genuine when developing your brand.  You must be able to walk the talk.

The Bribe

If you can’t think of anything else, offering something for free is a great incentive to buy. We came upon a sales piece from an IT provider in the U.K. who is giving away free iPads to NEW customers who sign up for a year of service.  If his service is acceptable, why wouldn’t a customer accept this offer rather than going elsewhere?  

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