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CommunicatorTo be a great leader for your MSP business, you must be able to communicate clearly to your staff, clients and prospects. To do this you must keep in mind that people learn in different ways.

There are three main learning styles that people prefer: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. When developing your sales and management presentations, you should consider all three types of learning in order to reach listeners with your message.

Visual Learners 

These people learn best by watching a demonstration, reading, or viewing graphics. It’s easy for them to comprehend information from charts and diagrams. For these learners you should incorporate slides, graphics, pictures, diagrams, charts and written handouts into your sales and management presentations.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners prefer to listen to presentations rather than read them. By reciting information out loud, you’ll be able to reach the auditory learner. Keep in mind that outside noises could present a distraction for them, so ensure your surroundings are devoid of any outside noise. Presentations in the form of webinars, conference calls, audio recordings, lectures or discussions will appeal to auditory learners.

Kinesthetic Learners

These people process information through hands-on, tactile experiences. Performing an activity is the easiest way for them to learn. Writing things down also makes it easier for them to process and remember information. Object manipulation with demonstrations about how to use equipment or software will appeal to the kinesthetic learner.

People tend to comprehend information you present most effectively when they are presented to in their preferential learning style.  To ensure you appeal to everyone on your staff and to all your prospects and clients, and to be a “great communicator,” incorporate a number of strategies from each of these styles into your sales and management presentations.

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