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Selling managed IT services is not rocket science, but it does take expertise, passion and knowledge to perform as a sales professional.  MSP Coach Stuart Crawford invites MSPs from around North America to attend Ulistic’s one-day MSP Sales Skills Seminar in Houston on December 13,  2012.

Excelling at MSP skills takes effort, passion and expertise.  Stuart Crawford, MSP Coach and founder of MSP Coaching company Ulistic, knows the serious amount of effort it takes to sell Managed Services effectively in today’s market.

Ulistic’s one-day MSP Skills Seminar will focus on fine tuning and building your MSP sales skills. It is designed to provide MSP sales professionals with the necessary knowledge to excel at sales today.

Crawford, whose background includes building a successful, exciting Calgary IT support company, has designed a turn-key MSP success process that you can take and employ in any size MSP.  Crawford, who started as a Microsoft Systems Engineer with IT Matters, moved into the sales and marketing role to help build IT Matters into one of Calgary’s premier IT firms.

“Sales is the lifeline of any MSP,” Crawford said.  “Many MSPs focus on perfecting their technical craft but continue to suffer with bringing in qualified opportunities.  Our one-day MSP sales seminar will introduce many concepts used at IT Matters that facilitated over $900,000 in new sales over a one year period”.

During this MSP Sales Workshop in Houston on Dec 13, 2012, Crawford and the team from Ulistic will address:

  • The art of determing real client pain and how your MSP can help in solving those pains
  • Networking versus prospecting, how you can build a gusher of top referrals
  • The 11-step sales process, taking a prospect from cradle to signature always
  • How sales professionals can leverage sales and technical expertise to close more deals
  • How to do develop your own personal marketing strategy overnight

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