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Working with Managed Services Providers is the passion of the entire team at Ulistic. Assisting with marketing, sales and business development, Ulistic is one of the top managed services coaches in the industry.

Jan 6, 2013 – Burlington, ON – Peer Groups are essential for any managed IT service provider looking to grow a healthy managed services business. When peers come together, magic occurs. Many of the top managed services providers can directly tie profitable growth to active participation in an industry peer group.

MSP Coach and Business Consultant Stuart Crawford is no stranger to working with many of the best MSP peer groups. Crawford was one of the first HTG Peer Group advisory group members, facilitator of HTG’s only ever Canadian Peer Group and worked with other leading managed services training firms to establish their industry peer groups.

On January 16, 2013, Crawford will be participating in the newly formed Intel Hybrid Cloud peer groups, helping partners in the Intel Hybrid Cloud program build their managed services business and their Intel Hybrid Cloud business.

“Working with the best managed services providers is my passion, it is what drives our team to do our best every day.” says Crawford. “The team at Intel Hybrid Cloud has perhaps the best technology enabling MSPs to win in their market, it is an honour to be working with them.”

To learn more about Ulistic’s involvement with Intel Hybrid Cloud, contact Ulistic’s lead MSP Coach, Stuart Crawford at 416.840.9106 or email info@ulsitic.com.

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