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San Antonio IT ServicesJohn Lane & Associates is a small law firm in San Antonio, Texas offering Commercial, Civil, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Construction Litigation; as well as Estate Planning/Probate, and Immigration, General Business and Deceptive Trade Practices.  They’ve been in operation since the late 90’s and since then have grown into a practice that employs up to 20 professionals at a time.  As a result of their growth, the firm moved from one to two different buildings across the street from one another, and they needed an IT system that could accommodate both locations.

A Failed Cloud Migration and Other IT Mishaps

The law firm’s IT network was in disarray due to the poor service and support other IT companies had provided them over the years. Their IT system was like patchwork quilt, creating problem after problem that posed not only obstacles to their operations but data risks to their practice. Finally when they lost important legal data due to a cloud migration that went bad, they knew it was time to find a capable IT company they could trust.

Pit Crew Came To Their Defense

The law firm’s server hardware was out of warranty but still running critical applications. Sarah Conway the Executive Assistant of John R. Lane, Jr., owner of John Lane & Associates, had a background in dealing with IT issues, so she was tasked with interviewing IT providers. Due to their recent IT mishaps, she and her staff didn’t trust any IT provider, but after meeting with Eric Murcia of Pit Crew IT Services, Sarah knew she could trust Eric and his team to do exactly what they said they’d do.

Sarah reported: “ I liked Eric and Pit Crew the best because he didn’t give me any ‘BS’ or try to sell me a ‘one-size-fits-all’ IT plan. Only after carefully reviewing the setup of the buildings, analyzing the current IT structure, and listening to our needs did Eric made specific recommendations and suggest logical, cost-effective solutions that would address our needs.  Eric also had character traits that led me to believe that I could trust him and the Pit Crew team.  It was ultimately character and the solid IT knowledge of the people that sold me on Pit Crew.”

The Pit Crew Team Rolled Up Their Sleeves And Got Right To Work

Pit Crew discovered that given their bandwidth, the current cloud solution wasn’t a good plan for the law firm.  They reverse-migrated everything back on-premise and in the process were able to recover all the lost data the firm thought was gone forever.  This was such a huge relief to the staff because it allowed them to be fully operational once again.

Utilizing both Microsoft and Dell products, Pit Crew replaced their old hardware and software, which malfunctioned before they could even implement their plan. So they performed an emergency domain migration over the weekend so the law firm experienced very little downtime.  This unified both of their offices with a single login-name that could be used on any system, and streamlined operations for employees who work both on and offsite.

Sarah went on to say: “ It was amazing how Eric and the Pit Crew team worked with the needs and expectations of our attorneys and para-legal staff.  They totally understand how a small business operates and what a legal firm needs regarding IT.  They even help us document IT issues for our clients so the documentation can stand up in a court of law.  Plus Eric can explain IT issues in language our staff can understand.“

Pit Crew installed a Microsoft Server 2012, Dell Sonicwall Firewalls, Dell AppAssure with replication, Windows Terminal Services, and signed the firm up for Pit Crew’s complete Managed IT Services Package. They also implemented remote technologies, which allow key employees to work from home when needed. This added productivity and efficiency had not been possible before Pit Crew’s services.

In addition, while implementing the new hardware, Pit Crew also repurposed the firm’s old server as a branch server for their remote office.  This added tremendous value as they had a very slow DSL line, which previously didn’t allow them to use some of the same technologies available in their main office 


Pit Crew now provides Fully Managed IT Services for the law firm. Through quarterly reviews and constant interaction with the firm, Pit Crew has formed a very tight relationship with the staff at John Lane & Associates. They’ve turned around their view about IT and have become great friends in the process.  John Lane & Associates knows that Pit Crew will always put their firm’s best interest ahead of all else.

When asked how Pit Crew has made her life easier Sarah exclaimed:

You have no idea!  They save me so much time and now I can concentrate on my work rather than trying to help our staff with day-to-day IT issues. I can’t be everywhere at once and do my job too, so having the ability to tell the staff they can call Pit Crew to answer their IT questions is simply wonderful!”

About Pit Crew IT Services

Pit Crew San Antonio IT Services is the fastest growing provider of Managed IT Services, and specializes in serving small and mid-sized businesses in and around the San Antonio, Texas area. Since our inception, we’ve strived to challenge the status quo and develop an organization that focuses on customer service just as much as we do with technology. By combining best-of-breed technology with a passion for customer service, we’re able to provide reliable, cost-effective, scalable solutions at an affordable price point. But that’s not all….

Our crewmembers and our culture play a big part as well. We hire a very unique group of employees who have a rare mix of both people and technical skills. As a team we make it our mission to constantly improve the level of service we provide, and to build long-term relationships with our clients.  For a no-obligation assessment of your IT infrastructure call us at 210.547.0305.

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