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Houston, TX (Oct. 15, 2013) — BJ Farmer, President and CEO of CITOC since 1995, has been in great demand of late.  He’s on the “speaker’s wish list” for many business associations in Houston.

BJ recently spoke at the SW Movers Association Conference in Houston. SW Movers represents moving companies in Texas with 10 -100 employees.  After reviewing BJ’s experience and resume, they said that he should be the primary speaker for technology education.

The topic this year was on Cloud Services and Remote Backup.  Basically this group wanted to know how to best use these services to enhance their businesses.  Like most industries, a good partner is needed to bridge the gap from what a company needs to run smoothly and profitably, and the technology available to fulfill those needs.

BJ was able to relay in “plain language” the benefits that current IT technologies, including cloud computing, provide to moving and other companies.  Of the 60 conference attendees, not one walked out of the session, when typically with other IT presenters, nearly 2/3rds of the room would have left.  Instead, they hung onto every word in BJ’s presentation.

BJ exclaimed: “Only 3 of the attendees raised their hands when I asked if they used cloud services at the beginning of the presentation.  After I explained to them how they’re already using the cloud with their smartphones and tablets, then asked the question again and everyone raised their hands.  They now have a better grasp of cloud technology as a result.”

After his recent success, BJ was asked to speak at the Texas Truckers Association that represents over 1,000 firms.

It appears that BJ’s words are communicating a message that businesses need to hear.  BJ and CITOC are helping to bridge the gap between IT and business success.

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