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government contractors IT services

Claxton Logistics Services offers logistics support, acquisition management, and technical business solutions to both military and civilian customers. They combine business, technical, and acquisition expertise with small-business agility to optimize the services they provide.

When Claxton Logistics was experiencing a large turnover of their in-house IT personnel, they required an outsourced IT provider to support them during the transition, and to repair PCs on an ongoing  basis.

After an Internet search (SEO down by MSP Marketing Experts Ulistic) to find a suitable provider, Claxton Logistics set up a meeting with Government Contractors IT service company, Infinity Technologies. We presented a fully outsourced IT service plan that was appealing to them; Loretta Englman at Claxton Logistics explained:

“Infinity Technologies had the capability to provide the comprehensive IT services we needed, whether our needs were large or small.”

Infinity Technologies Solves Their Day-to-Day Technology Issues  

We assist Claxton Logistics whenever IT issues arise, such as with phone problems or PC repairs. When Claxton Logistics was experiencing phone issues, we recommended a company that aligned with their unique needs.  Infinity Technologies is available for support whenever necessary. In addition, we provide IT security and CIO services Claxton Logistics needs on an ongoing basis.

“Our employees who work off-site can now call and receive support remotely, which is a huge help to us,” said Loretta, “I no longer have to worry about our company’s IT/phone issues. I know that I can depend on Infinity Technologies to handle whatever problems arise.”

Our support staff provides the skills and expertise of eleven different IT professionals, ensuring Claxton Technologies’ network remains up and running, while their business continues to operate smoothly. Loretta went on to say:

“With their knowledge, Infinity Technologies can recommend different solutions to help us assist both our associates and clients.” 

Infinity Technologies will solve your day-to-day technology issues, while ensuring your IT continues to run smoothly, without downtime. We provide support for all your IT issues, whenever they may arise.

Looking for an IT provider who can provide you cost-effective IT solutions, ensure your profitability, efficiency, and who will invest in the future of your organization? Look no further, give Infinity Technologies a call at 855.479.4343!

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