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Google Adwords MSPThe repeat artists are at it again.  Have we really lost our ability as a technology community to use our own voices?  For some in the managed services community this is an immediate yes.  Electing for the canned items that many use however for the highly successful, originality still wins in the end.

The most recent and somewhat alarming trend I see on Google Adwords is the use of “Free Onsite Consultation & Quote” in the Google Adwords call to action.  Yesterday, I was searching IT firms in Atlanta and the top two Google Adwords results had this as their call to action.  The top two ads had the exact same message and call to action. Nothing original and definitely something that my client in Atlanta didn’t need.  They had a problem with their network and didn’t want a free consultation or quote.  They needed someone to fix the problem.  So we went to the next one down, someone who focused on the pain my client in Atlanta was having versus trying to pimp something like a quote which is by the way is normally free.

A colleague of mine, who is not an IT person sent me this email last night about his frustrations in Atlanta trying to find a tech firm to help him out.  By the way, this is no longer a concern.  Someone stepped up to help him out.

I know a lot of people like to use “free” but in this context quotes have pretty much always been free so it seems like a nothing statement to me.

Why not be more specific ? Focus on customer problems:

“Free Outlook email checkup prevents crashes”

“Will your backup really work when you need it”

“No – your network shouldn’t be slow”

“Free Rx for your slow office computers”

I’m no IT consultant, but there have to be a hundred frustrations you could address that office types run into on a daily basis.

Seems like a simple concept.  Focus on the needs of the client or prospect.  I read something interesting the other day.  Your WHY must be aligned with the market’s WHAT.  What a perfect formula.  How can you take this into your MSP Google Adwords marketing.

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