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I stumbled across this document the other day about how to evaluate a MSP sales professional.  Before I get into the document I had in my records from when I ran IT Matters, a leading Calgary MSP and IT service firm, please allow me to rant just a bit.

Many MSPs suffer from making a hiring mistake when trying to build a sales team or make that first hire.  We are all so keen on getting a sales person thinking that if we just have a sales guy it will be the answer to all our prayers.

Here is the reality!

After hiring a sales person many MSPs immediately try to figure out ways to get rid of this costly resource.  Why?  Many of them have no idea how to sell.  They have no clue, why is that?  Good question.  Great sales resources cost serious coin and many MSPs try to go cheap on their sales resources.  Thinking they can hire a cheap sales person on a low end salary with a weak compensation plan, then they expect their new sales professional to knock it out of the park.

Guess what, it doesn’t work!

Here is the document I found.

(5) Ways to Evaluate a Sales Person before they make a Sale

1.   CRM and Sales Tracking Process

  • Does Sales person have a pre-trained process for tracking all prospects and suspects?
  • Do they already track gross calls, Follow ups, are their follow up calls scheduled, no answers, call backs.
  • Can sales person make at least 100 outbound call attempts per day.
  • Does sales person understand the significance of calling Mon- Wed?
  • Does sales person know the average hit ratio of gross calls, net calls to set an appointment?
  • Can sales person easily establish a sales funnel report in either excel or CRM program
  • Have sales person explain the process for negotiating the gatekeeper.
  • Listen to sales persons 30 second pitch to Decision Maker.

2.   Does Sales person understand the significance of Product Knowledge vs. Client Relationship

  • Does sales person spend more time on product knowledge than understanding feature and benefits
  • Do you have to convince sales person the importance of being liked by prospects
  • Do people tend to like the sales person easily, either on the phone or in person
  • Does sales person make friends easily and does sales person have a lot of friends

3.     Can Sales person qualify a prospect  on the phone and in a Sales engagement

  • Evaluate  sales person’s qualifying questions for a prospect in a role playing session
  • Ask sales person the difference between a prospect and a suspect
  • Ask sales person to project sales cycle in terms of initial call to closing deal, once they understand product

4.     Can sales person present your product and services effectively

  • Sales  Skills Index Survey can help evaluate the sales person presentation ability
  • Has sales person ever attended toast masters
  • Have sales person conduct a PowerPoint presentation recorded with Microsoft One note.

5.     Can sales person Close on the phone and in a onsite Sales Engagement

  • Sales Skills Index Survey will give you some idea if the sales person can Close
  • Role play with them once they understand product and see if you would by from them
  • Record all role playing sessions and record them with One Note.

Tell me about your horrible sales experiences or even your great ones.  What lessons did you learn and what are you willing to share.

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