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Do you have Video on your MSP marketing website?

I am not going to beat the dead horse to death about the importance of having video on your website.

Just to recap here are some of the most important reasons:

  • Video keeps people on your website longer.  Your average time on site goes up and that tells Google that people are getting value from your website.
  • Video educates people in a different way.  I don’t read text on a website but I will watch a video or at least listen to it.
  • You can send a link to a video file in an email for people to check out.  Sometimes better than sending a long-winded email
  • Video makes you look like you are up on the times.  We are tech companies shouldn’t we use the latest technologies any ways.
  • YouTube, according to many is the world’s second most used search engine
  • Video is FUN!

There are many more excellent reasons to leverage the power of video.

Ulistic is now well underway with our MSP marketing video series.  The first one is now completed and selling like hotcakes. You can get it here starting at under $150.00.  Others are underway including Cloud, BDR, BYOD and more.

Here are some of the MSP’s who have leveraged Ulistic’s MSP video service to date:

Check out our videos and if you are interested in getting on – Call Stuart Crawford right away 416.827.5339.

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