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MSP Direct Mail Marketing

Why your managed services business must consider and start direct mail marketing.  After all, haven’t we proven that social media marketing doesn’t work to attract new leads to our MSP business?

They always say that the most popular of things come back around full circle; the same is with Direct Marketing. Of course, the art of mailing advertisements never vanish but with technology increasing and businesses sometimes desperate for options of creating new revenue by marketing they lost focus of the basics.  Actually, I feel many MSPs got lazy and thought outsourcing to an online marketing firm was an easier option.  But wait…isn’t Ulistic an outsourced marketing firm?  Yes, we are, but we do a lot more direct mail marketing these days compared to just relying on online services such as social media and SEO.  Our direct mail and Google Adwords Consulting is really taking off.  And..they can be measured!

Most managed service providers overlook Direct Mail as an effective marketing tool.

By using direct mail, you are able to selectively target your audience (At Ulistic, we call this your top prospect list). Targeting means speaking to those in which your message is intended and not wasting any resources or expense on an uninterested audience. Targeting can also include timing mailings to coincide with holidays, special events, or special promotions your business is having. A company’s Return on Investment usually increases by at least 10% when using Direct mail as a marketing tool, but it MUST be done properly.

Direct mail is also quite efficient. Every dollar spent is directed at genuine prospects for client’s products, services, or message. Instead of investing in an uncertain campaign, your budget is focused and working for you where it really matters. A business can sell directly through the mail, but it’s also the medium that can deliver a sample directly to the consumer, fill in a survey, download a white paper, run a contest or any other vital information which can help develop an open channel to creating a lifetime client for your managed services business.

Lastly, there is the topic of costs associated with Direct Mail Marketing for managed service providers. The wonderful thing about mailing advertisements is that it’s measurable (landing pages, unique phone number – all supplied by Ulistic). Using your top prospects list and/or other lists (Book of Lists) to send your mailings virtually eliminates all guesswork in measuring the value of your MSP marketing campaigns. Results can be gauged easily and return on investment is crystal clear. When planning out your next MSP direct mailing campaign, don’t forget that a varied approach with more than one piece is essential.

Ulistic has teamed up with to offer postcard and direct mail services to our clients.  They are great to deal with.  However, if you need a postcard designed for your MSP business, call us.  We can help with all of your outsourced MSP marketing and even execution of that Technology and Computer Services Marketing Binder collecting dust on your shelf.

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